OlyWild - Backyard Habitat Program

What is OlyWild?

OlyWild LogoOlyWild is a new program that helps homeowners enhance wildlife habitat and protect aquatic areas on their property.

Your Yard Matters to Wildlife

Urban development causes habitat loss by converting forests and aquatic areas into buildings and roads. The areas we leave undeveloped, like parks, provide places for wildlife, but they are broken up into pieces that are spread out and too small for many animals.

About 40% of the remaining wildlife habitat in Olympia is on residential property just like yours. OlyWild partners with homeowners to create beautiful, natural landscapes that increase the amount and quality of habitat in the city and create migration pathways between natural areas.

OlyWild Pilot Program

OlyWild is currently in a pilot phase and is open to residents who own or are next to aquatic areas in the Mission Creek watershed in Northeast Olympia (View map). Ultimately, OlyWild will be available to residents Citywide, so if you don't live in Mission Creek, please contact us.

If you would like additional resources about residential wildlife habitat, please see the links below.

As an OlyWild participant, you will receive:

  • FREE site assessment.
  • a FREE Habitat Stewardship Plan tailored to your specific goals and site conditions.
  • valuable discounts at local businesses.

How to Sign Up

To join the OlyWild pilot program email your name, address, and preferred contact information to olywild@ci.olympia.wa.us.

Program staff will then contact you to schedule your site assessment.



Contact OlyWild staff at 360.753.8336 or olywild@ci.olympia.wa.us