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Stormwater Inspections and Maintenance for Neighborhoods

This workshop includes online classroom instruction and a virtual live “hands-on” outdoor question and answer session.

Information will be provided on how to:

  • Identify common problems seen in stormwater systems (such as wet or dry ponds, or other stormwater features) 
  • Inspect your system and when to submit annual reports
  • Avoid future costly repairs to the system by addressing problems early

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Maintaining Your Stormwater System - What is Required?

Property owners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their private stormwater system and must submit a Stormwater Facility Maintenance Summary Form (Summary Form) and required documentation by July 31 of each year. Note: due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this date has been extended to September 15 this year.

Stormwater systems are the infrastructure that capture and transport stormwater runoff before it flows into our streams, lakes and Puget Sound. Private stormwater systems often include features such as stormwater ponds, swales, ditches, pipes, catch basins and sometimes filters.

To keep your stormwater system functioning properly and stay in good standing with your City agreement, follow these steps:

1. Inspect your stormwater system
Select the appropriate sections from the Stormwater Facility Checklist that apply to your system.

2. Perform maintenance and fix problems
Some maintenance requires a qualified or certified service professional, such as treatment vaults and filters (view inspection and maintenance specs). You may need to contact different contractors for different types of services.

This list of vendors is maintained by Thurston County and does not imply endorsement by the City. Please do your own reference checks and verification when selecting a contractor.

3. Submit required documentation
Complete the Summary Form and return it with checklists, invoices and photos to:

Note: You are required to provide proof/invoices for ALL media filter and treatment cartridge replacements.

Screenshot of stormwater system map

Stormwater System Map

This online stormwater system map allows you to see what assets make up your private stormwater system facility. It can be used to help you resolve issues and maintain you stormwater system.


Contact Stormwater Management staff at 360.753.8579 or