Private Stormwater System Maintenance

What Are Stormwater Systems?

Stormwater pond in OlympiaStormwater systems are the infrastructure that stormwater travels through before it eventually flows into a stream, lake, the ground, or directly into Puget Sound. Private stormwater systems often consist of one or more stormwater features, which may include a stormwater pond, swales, ditches, pipes, and filters.

Stormwater systems need regular cleaning and maintenance to effectively move and handle stormwater. This helps prevent flooding and protects our community's water quality. Systems on private property must be maintained by the owners.

Maintaining Your Stormwater System

Each property owner has an agreement with the City that addresses the long-term maintenance of its stormwater system. Property owners are responsible for conducting annual maintenance and inspections, and must submit a Stormwater Facility Maintenance Summary Form to the City each year.

1. Select the appropriate selections from the stormwater facility checklist document to match your system. These checklists will give you information on how to inspect and maintain particular features of your stormwater system.  

2. Choose a certified maintenance provider to service your stormwater filters.

3. Complete the Stormwater Facility Maintenance Summary Form and return it (and any checklists, invoices and photos) to:

Commercial and Multifamily Systems

Tami Tonder, City of Olympia Public Works
Mail: PO Box 1967, Olympia WA 98507
Phone: 360.753.8579

Residential Systems

Tom Otto, City of Olympia Public Works
Mail: PO Box 1967, Olympia WA 98507
Phone: 360.570.3957