Storm & Surface Water

The Storm and Surface Water Utility

We maintain over 160 miles of underground pipe, more than 7,500 storm drains, and 79 stormwater ponds that carry stormwater runoff from roads and rooftops to our streams and Budd Inlet. We work on many levels to protect water quality and prevent flooding. This involves working closely with residents, businesses and other government agencies to maintain a safe and healthy environment for people and wildlife.  

stormwater imagePrivate Stormwater System Maintenance:

Property owners are responsible for conducting inspections and maintenance of their stormwater system each year, and submitting annual reports to the City of Olympia. Find out how to meet this requirement, and access necessary forms. More...  

Clean Cars - Clean Streams Program

Pollution Prevention

Your actions matter! You have the power to stop pollution from cars, yard chemicals, pets, septic systems, and soil erosion from entering Puget Sound. Find out how you can make a difference. More...   

Image of raking a drainFlooding and Erosion:

Sand and other debris can clog storm drains and cause local flooding. Find out how you can help to keep storm drains clear, and get resources for localized flooding in your neighborhood. More.. 

Policies and Regulations:

To provide safe and sustainable water for Olympia, the City both enforces, and is subject to, numerous policies and regulations. Storm and Surface Water staff coordinate internally and with neighboring jurisdictions on planning and regulatory issues. More...

rain gardenLow Impact Development:

Low Impact Development is an approach to land development that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible.Rain gardens, vegetated rooftops, rain barrels, and permeable pavements are a few examples. More...