Garbage, Recycling & Organics

Waste ReSources

Garbage pickupWe provide residential curbside pickup of garbage, organics and recycling, as well as commercial garbage and organics collection services to large and small businesses.

Residential service:
360.753.8340 - Option 0

Commercial service:
360.753.8368 - Option 2

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Accepted materialsAccepted Materials

Learn what items you can put in your Gargage, Recycling and Organics carts, as well as what to do with items that are not listed on our Accepted Materials page.


Recycle and Organics cartsCarts and Containers

Find size and cost information for all of our curbside collection options, as well as our temporary and permanent dumpsters on our Carts & Containers page.


E-waste & hazardous wasteE-Waste & Hazardous Waste

Find out how to properly recycle and dispose of electronic waste, household hazardous waste and even unused and expired medications on our E-Waste & Hazardous Waste page.


Organics & Yard WasteOrganics & Yard Waste

Learn about Residential and Commercial organics collection and find helpful tips on Backyard Composting, GrassCycling and more on our Organics & Yard Waste page.


Zero Waste

Find our famous Waste-Free Gift Certificates, learn how to plan a Zero-Waste Event, and opt out of unwanted mailers on our Zero Waste page.