Garbage, Recycling & Organics

Winter Storm Collection Updates

Residential Recycling: The City will be collecting Residential Recycling on Friday – staff will keep track of areas not serviced. If you aren’t serviced please leave your cart out until we can access your neighborhood. Once Friday routes are complete staff will continue collecting Tuesday and Wednesday routes. We ask that you leave your cart out and staff will work through the weekend to collect your recycling. Staff will be working overtime and weekends to accomplish this task.

Please place your cart as close to the road as possible. With larger than usual snow berms our trucks have a tough time making the reach and risk getting stuck in the snow.

We are asking any residents that can wait until your next regularly scheduled pick up for recycling please do so. This will help cut down on our backlog of material to collect.

Multi-Family Collection: There will be no multifamily collection on Friday – we will attempt to collect multi-family over the weekend.

Commercial Organics/Residential Organics: The City will collect both commercial organics and residential yard waste on Saturday.

Commercial Garbage Collection: We’ve currently been servicing what we can with an emphasis on health care facility/emergency facilities. Catch up is ongoing and the City will work through the weekend to collect all accounts.