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Water Quality and Efficiency Report

The City of Olympia is proud to announce the availability of the new 2013 Water Quality and Efficiency Report. The 2013 Report shows the City's progress moving towards the completion of the McAllister Wellfield with the same great tasting water and how Olympia is succesfully reducing water use.  The Report also shows the City of Olympia's 2012 water quality test results, which were once again better than State and Federal regulations require.  The City of Olympia has great quality water - and we're proud of that!


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Rebates and Programs Available

The City of Olympia has several conservation programs/rebates available to water customers, including:

Also available to our commercial customers are:

Protect Our Water Quality

Here are some things that you can do in your yard to protect Olympia's water:

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We employ a team of experienced and dedicated professionals to ensure the City's water is safe to drink. Have questions? Please contact our staff. We're here to help!