Water Quality

Olympia's Water Quality Report

City of Olympia Water Quality Report

We work hard to ensure that Olympia's drinking water, which comes from a variety of sources, exceeds State and federal regulations.

Our annual Water Quality Report (WQR) includes Olympia's water quality test results and highlights the efforts and programs it takes to ensure we have great tasting, high quality water at a reasonable cost for generations to come.

Please note, the WQR is now hosted online and will not be mailed to customers. If you would like a copy mailed to you, please contact Cheri Reimers at 360.709.2774

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Water Source Map

The City has several sources that supply water to our customers. View our Water Source Map to find out which source supplies your neighborhood!

Water testingOther Test Results

• Testing Results for Aquariums & Home Brewers

• Artesian Well Water Quality Test Results

The City of Olympia's water quality tests continue to show that our water exceeds the standards required by State and Federal laws. The facts sheets below, created in cooperation with the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water, are provided for informational purposes and in no way indicates that Olympia's water is contaminated.

Your Water quality is important to usWater Quality Solutions

Find solutions to common water quality issues in your home such as water hardness, rust, stains and strange colors or odors on our Water Quality Solutions page.



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