Pavement Preservation Project

Preserving Olympia's Roads

Chip sealing a road in OlympiaEach year, the Public Works Department identifies roads to be included in our annual Pavement Preservation Program.

Selected roads are then resurfaced using a process known as "chip sealing".

What is Chip Seal?

Chip sealing is cost effective surface treatment used to extend the life of the road and provide a good driving surface. 

The chip sealing process involves putting down a layer of hot oil immediately followed by a layer of rock chips. After curing (about 2 weeks), the roadway is swept, sealed and new pavement markings are installed.

  • Chip sealing is significantly more cost effective than traditional paving. For what it costs to pave one mile of road, we can chip seal about seven miles.
  • Chip seal can extend the life of a road seven to ten years depending upon traffic.
  • A chip seal surface improves traction for safer driving in wet or winter weather.

Important Information

No On-Street Parking

On the day that your road is scheduled, please have all vehicles off of the road by 8:00 a.m. Vehicles on the road during construction are subject to towing.

Pets and Children

Please keep pets and children off of the roadway. The oil is HOT and leaves the truck at temperatures between 120 and 185 degrees. Touching a freshly sprayed road can cause burns.

Loose Rocks

The road will have loose rocks until it has bonded completely (about 2 weeks). During this time, please keep speeds below 25 mph to avoid spraying of gravel and loss of traction.

Cleaning Oil Residue

If oil residue accidentally gets on your vehicle, your pets, or yourself, it can be cleaned off by gently rubbing with a rag and citrus-based cleaner.

2016 Schedule (Updated 7/19/16)

location Remove Old Striping CHIP SEaling operations Apply FOG SEal Paint new striping Install plastic markings
(St Peters Entance - Woodard Green Rd)
Done Done Done 8/13 8/20 - 21
(Woodard Green Rd - Springview Dr)
Done Done Done 8/13 8/20 - 21
(4th Ave to Phoenix St)
Done Done Done 8/13 8/14
(Pacific Ave - South Bay Rd)
Done Done Done 8/13 8/14
(4th Ave - Yew Ave)
Done Done Done 8/13 8/20 - 21
(Plum St - Eastside St)
Done Done Done Done 8/200- 21

Schedule is weather dependent and subject to change


Contact project manager Brett Bures at 360.753.8290 or