Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

4th and 5th Avenue bridges at night

About the TMP

The City is working on a Transportation Master Plan (TMP). Olympia is growing, and we need to plan a transportation system that will keep everyone moving. This is the first Transportation Master Plan for the City of Olympia.

The TMP will link the vision and goals in the City's Comprehensive Plan to projects we build. It will include prioritized project lists for bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and motor vehicle infrastructure. The plan will also include a 20-year funding strategy for all the projects.

See What We're Doing

Story Map

In the fall of 2018, we asked people about how to prioritize projects. You can learn more and see what people had to say in our story map.

City Council Briefing

In March 2019, we provided a briefing to the City Council on the Master Plan. You can view the presentation slides or watch the presentation video.


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