Melnic is Retiring

Melnic Headshot

It is with mixed emotions that we announce our own celebrity K9, Melnic, is retiring.

Being a working dog for a Police Department is a tough job. As you’ve followed him through his career you know he’s had an injury or two. We think it’s time that he relax after his successful career and enjoy being a family dog in the Wilson home.

Don’t worry…you’ll get a chance to meet him one more time at his retirement party!

Say Goodbye to Mel

Join us in wishing Melnic well on his grand new adventure:

  • Where? Hands on Children Museum, 414 Jefferson St NE, Olympia
  • When? Friday, January 27th, 6:30 p.m.

About Melnic

Mel has worked with our team for 6 years using his superior senses, speed and agility to help us find people and things. He truly loved his job and looked forward to jumping into Officer Wilson’s patrol car and driving around town with his head hanging out the window night-after-night. He enjoyed playing “his game” with bad guys - chase them, bark at them and then look dejected as his new found “friends” wouldn’t pet him or give him a treat for playing a good game of hide-and-seek.

One story about Mel always makes us laugh: He was once deployed into a thicket to get a bad guy who fled. As Mel stuck his head through the bushes with his tongue-drooping, peek-a-boo smile, the suspect screamed and raced out of the bushes right into our officers. The bad guy turned himself in for his own “safety” because, according to him, a “bear was chasing him in the woods.”

It's the People!

Mel’s favorite memories come from his interactions with his friends in our community. In addition to his "official duties", Mel was the star of the “Where’s Melnic" scavenger hunt for the last two years. He also made personal appearances at most of the elementary schools in town during special assemblies to show off some fun tricks and meet his fans.

He liked those times best because he was able to make people smile and got tons of hugs. It was well known that if there was a child anywhere in the area he would run over to them, sit on their toes, and beg them for a few pets.

We at the Olympia Police Department are proud of our great tradition in being partners with working dogs. Melnic is passing the torch to Kaiser and Semper to carry on the tradition of serving and connecting with our community.

Here’s to you Mel. Thank you for being part of our family.

2015 "Where's Melnic" Posters

Melnic at Olympia High School    Melnic at Capital High School    Melnic at The Washington Center

    Melnic at the Hands On Children's Museum    Melnic at the Hands On Children's Museum

Melnic at Olympia Fire Dept    Melnic at Intercity Transit    Melnic at Heritage Park Fountain

Melnic at The Kiss    Melnic at Big Toms    Melnic at The Olympian

Melnic at OPD front desk

2014 "Where's Melnic" Posters

Melnic in police hat    Melnic chewing ball    Melnic in Seahawks jersey

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Melnic in Santa Hat