Safe Olympia


SAFE OLYMPIA focuses on safe reporting for crimes and discrimination related to the City's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) residents and visitors. The Olympia Police Department (OPD) is committed to the safety of all residents and visitors.

Olympia Police Department SAFE OLYMPIA signage is being displayed by local supporting community members, businesses, schools and organizations that work closely with the Olympia Police Department in an effort to reduce anti-LGBTQ crimes, reduce LGBTQ student bullying, and encourage the reporting of LGBTQ crimes. These are also locations supporting safe and secure places for victims of anti-LGBTQ related crimes and harassment. Calling 911 and waiting for police to respond is essential for holding suspects accountable and reducing hate crimes and harassment in general.

In addition to the 911 police response to these incidents, OPD has an LGBTQ liaison officer who promotes partnership efforts between OPD and our LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ liaison officer can be a resource for answers to questions you may have. Our website also has resources for the LGBTQ community including tips for reporting LGBTQ crimes, contacts for addressing LGBTQ bullying, and LGBTQ safety tips.

The mission of OPD’s OLYMPIA SAFE program is to provide the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/ Questioning (LGBTQ) community with signage and resources that provide easily accessible safety information.

SAFE OLYMPIA is designed to further enhance the relationship between the Olympia Police Department, the LGBTQ community, and local businesses by providing SAFE OLYMPIA decals and signage to local businesses and organizations. OPD encourages those entities to clearly post them at the entrances to their premise as a symbol of safety for the victims of LGBTQ crime and a warning to those who commit those crimes. SAFE OLYMPIA also provides an instant and easy connection to OPD and other LGBTQ resources.

Intersectionality: The Olympia Police Department recognizes that social categories such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, mental, physical, or sensory handicap, homelessness, marital status, age, parental status, gender, class or political ideology and the associated discrimination and disadvantage that may occur to an individual and/or group is all interconnected and must be addressed collectively instead of separately. OPD is committed to the safety of all victims of crime related to any social category.


The Olympia Police Department has partnered with the following local community members, businesses, schools and organizations for a SAFE OLYMPIA:

  • 1st Christian Church

  • Aikido

  • Always Safe & Lock

  • Archibald Sister

  • Bar Frances

  • Batdorf & Bronson

  • Briggs Community YMCA

  • Browsers Book Store

  • Capital Recovery Center

  • Captain Little

  • Compass Rose

  • Department of Enterprise Services

  • Downtown Ambassadors

  • Downtown YMCA

  • Doctor Carr

  • Doctor Rose Bailey

  • Drip Espresso

  • Earth Magic

  • Eastside Big Tom

  • Eastside Urban Farm and Garden

  • Elles Floral Design

  • Evergreen Vista Apartments

  • Gallery Boom

  • Gravity

  • Harlequin Productions

  • Home Instead Senior Care

  • Intercity Transit

  • Jake's

  • Jamie Lee

  • Lanai Café

  • Let's Paint!

  • Little General Food Shop

  • Meconi's Italian Subs

  • Metro Body Piercing

  • Midnight Sun Theater

  • Mixx 96

  • Mud Bay

  • Old School Pizza

  • Olympia Center

  • Olympia Credit Union

  • Olympia Cross Fit

  • Olympia Downtown Association

  • Olympia Film Society

  • Olympia Fire Department

  • Olympia Gear Exchange

  • Olympia Municipal Court

  • Olympia Pediatrics

  • Olympia Probation

  • Olympia Tattoo Co.

  • Painted Plate

  • Petworks

  • Phoebe's Pastry Cafe

  • Pizzeria La Gitana

  • Popinjay

  • Premiere Salon & Spa

  • Primeval Tattoo

  • Pro Active Physical Therapy

  • Radiance

  • Rainier Express

  • Salvation Army

  • Sequoia Treehouse Child Care & Pre School

  • Spider Monkey Tattoo

  • Spud's Produce Market

  • Stellar Juices

  • The Brotherhood Tavern

  • The Spar McMenamins

  • The United Churches of Olympia

  • The Washington Center

  • Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel

  • Urban Upholstery

  • Vic's Pizzeria

  • Vivala

  • Wally's Sandwich Shop

  • Whole Health Naturopathy

  • YMCA Child Development 


Participate in OPD SAFE OLYMPIA

Displaying the OPD SAFE OLYMPIA symbol at your premise carries some important responsibilities that will greatly assist in protecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) victims of crime.

These LGBTQ victims will recognize the OPD SAFE OLYMPIA symbol of safety that indicates your business, organization, school or premise is willing to assist and protect these victims. To make this concept effective the Olympia Police Department would like you to instruct your staff, employees, supervisors, managers, teachers, volunteers, counselors and/or students, etc. of the following protocol:

  • Post the OPD SAFE OLYMPIA decal outside the front entrance of your establishment, building, room, etc. (approx. 3-5 feet high, if possible). If there is no glass at your front entrance, an OPD SAFE OLYMPIA will be available and can be placed conspicuously inside your premise.
  • Please allow these victims to enter and remain at your premise until Olympia Police arrive.
  • Please either call, or assist these victims in calling 911.


SAFE OLYMPIA Decals (4" X 6") are provided FREE of charge to participating organizations. These decals and posters are specifically designed for businesses, schools and organizations to post at or near the front entrance to their premise as a symbol of safety for victims of crimes and as a warning to criminals. Individuals are also welcome to request SAFE OLYMPIA decals or posters. 

Commitment Pledge

By submitting this request I am agreeing to this commitment pledge. I agree to use these decals/signs for their intended purpose by posting them on my premise. I further agree to instruct my organization’s employees to assist the victims and/or witnesses to anti-LGBTQ crimes by calling the police on their behalf and allowing them to remain on my premise until police arrive.

To participate in Safe Olympia, please contact Sgt. Ren Emerson at 360.753.8300 or with your name, business/organization, address, city, and zip code.

Reporting LGBTQ Crimes

If you are a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) victim of, or witness to a crime, please report the incident to the police, either DURING, or IMMEDIATELY AFTER it occurs BY CALLING 911. This will allow the Police Department to respond to, and track anti-LGBTQ incidents. The Olympia Police Department can then deploy police officers and other resources to the area where these crimes are occurring.

  • The 911 operator needs quick and concise information, such as;
  • Your injuries: 911 Operator will call medics while talking with you.
  • The specifics of the crime: What happened?
  • What was said: Tell the 911 operator and the responding officer if the suspect(s) used words to indicate a hate crime.
  • If there was a weapon involved: Describe it as a gun, knife, etc.
  • Description of suspects: Age, race, height, weight and clothing description of the suspect(s)
  • Any unusual characteristics: Scars, marks, tattoos, piercings, speech, etc.
  • Suspect vehicle description: Color, make, model, vehicle license.
  • Direction of travel: Which way did they flee?

Even if you think the crime is insignificant, or that you don't want to bother the police over small issues, reporting crimes quickly allows the Olympia Police Department to:

  • Respond immediately to the scene to prevent further harm to you or others.
  • Collect evidence that could be destroyed if not discovered and collected quickly.
  • Interview witnesses who may otherwise be gone if you delay your call to 911.
  • Apprehend the suspect(s) quickly so they do not continue to victimize others.
  • Determine if the suspect(s) are engaged in a pattern of previous and/or ongoing behavior that threatens the community. 
  • Increase community awareness of criminal activity in the area through media notification & alerts.
  • Develop solutions and/or deterrents to reduce the crime by adding patrols to the area.

Your quick actions and reporting will help reduce crime in Olympia!