Stories from the Street 2015

Alert Neighbors Stop Mail Thief

Monday, December 28th

On December 28, 2015, officers arrested a woman in the Northeast neighborhoods for mail theft and possession of stolen property after neighbors caught her rummaging through mailboxes.

Four witnesses saw the suspect approach mailboxes in front of their home. The homeowner didn’t recognize her as a neighbor and kept an eye on her. She watched the suspect open several mailboxes and remove mail from them. Two of the witnesses confronted the suspect and detained her until officers arrived.

Officers located multiple gift cards, credit cards, check books, checks and mail in a backpack the suspect was carrying. None of the items had the suspect’s name on them. They also found a red file folder that was organized by geographic area and contained more checks. The suspect admitted to stealing the mail, but claimed she found the folder and put it in her backpack.

Officers returned mail to five victims and are working to contact additional victims. They arrested twenty-three-year-old Serina Nevalasca and booked her at the Thurston County Jail. 

Burglary Suspect Arrested 

Friday, December 4th 

On December 4, 2014, officers arrested a man for burglarizing a downtown business the day prior.

During the early morning of December 3rd, a man entered the business on the 100 block of Legion Way. Video surveillance caught the suspect stealing $1,000.00 from two registers and an office. The suspect was wearing distinctive clothing, including a plaid-colored bomber-style hat and he had a large sheathed knife strapped to his right leg.

The following day, an officer was clearing trespassers from a business and noticed a man wearing the same hat with a sheathed knife strapped to the same leg as the suspect. When comparing the suspect photos to the man being trespassed, they were wearing identical shoes, cargo pants, a bulky coat, a scarf, the hat and the knife. The man was also wearing a backpack that matched the suspect’s with a metal box stored in the same external pocket.

The suspect told officers he just received all the clothing he was wearing that morning from various different friends. He claimed he stayed at his girlfriend’s the night of the crime, but then said she wouldn’t be able to confirm that because she wasn’t home. 

Officers arrested 26-year-old Christopher Berry for Burglary 2nd and he was booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Officers Arrest Harassment Suspect 

Tuesday, December 1st

Officers arrested a man for weapons violation, harassment and assault after they responded to calls of a disturbance on the 200 block of 4th Avenue. Two men were seen fighting and one pulled a knife on the other.

The men began arguing over a woman they both dated. As they were arguing, the suspect pulled a knife with a four inch blade from his waistband and threatened the victim with it. The suspect eventually put the knife away and the two began fist fighting before the suspect fled the scene on a bike. Multiple witnesses saw the suspect pull the knife and identified him by name. 

Officers located a man matching the suspect’s description and detained him until the victim confirmed it was the correct man. While searching him for weapons, officers found a BB gun, metal knuckles and an empty knife holster. They also located a pipe that tested positive for methamphetamines. Officers searched the surrounding area of the fight and the suspect’s path of travel when he fled, but were not able to locate the knife.

Forty-four-year-old Matthew Silfer was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail. 

Man Assaulted After Argument

Friday, November 20th

On November 20, 2015, officers responded to an assault at a restaurant on the 3200 block of Martin Way E. Two men at the bar started fighting and the suspect struck the victim in the head with a beer glass.

The bartender saw them arguing after the suspect had flicked a coaster at her and the victim confronted him about his behavior. She thought the victim struck the suspect first and then he retaliated by hitting the victim with the glass. The glass shattered, slicing the victim’s temporal artery. He immediately started bleeding and the suspect fled as the victim was taken to St. Peter’s Hospital. Constant pressure had to be applied to the wound until the victim was taken into emergency surgery.

Officers responded to the scene and canvased the area of the suspect’s home. He turned himself in the following day. Fifty-three-year-old Robert Kendall was arrested for Assault 1st and booked at the Thurston County Jail. The victim is recovering at the hospital.

Man Arrested After Using Brother's Name

Saturday, November 7th

On November 7, 2015 officers arrested a man for a warrant out of California after he gave his brother’s name for identification.

Forty-eight-year-old Gary Bogle was recognized by an officer from a wanted flyer shown during briefing. Bogle had a warrant for False Personation and had falsely used his brother’s name on multiple occasions in Olympia. He had racked up debts around the country that got sent to collections and had warrants issued in his brother’s name.

When approached by the officer, Bogle again provided his brother’s name and showed the officer an incarceration identification card with his photo, but his brother’s name. The brother had a fraud warning on his name so that anyone using it would have to provide a specific password to confirm if they are in fact him. Bogle was adamant he provided the correct name, but could not provide the password when prompted by the officer. He was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Man Arrested for DUI

Monday, November 9th

On November 9, 2015, officers arrested a man for driving under the influence after he was spotted driving with his blinker on and swerving over the center line. A sergeant noticed the truck after seeing a fridge standing straight up in the bed of the truck, wobbling from side to side.

When the sergeant stopped the truck, the driver disclosed that he did not have a driver’s license and confessed that the truck was not actually his. He decided to go for a drive and took the truck from a construction site near his home. While talking to the driver, the sergeant smelled alcohol and noticed the driver’s speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and he kept repeating himself.

An officer conducted a field sobriety test after the sergeant’s observations and the driver admitted to having a couple of beers and a shot of vodka earlier in the night. The driver failed the tests and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. A search warrant was obtained to test a sample of his blood for its alcohol content. Twenty-three-year-old Jesse Drescher was arrested and booked at the Olympia City Jail.

Officers are still trying to determine who the truck belongs to and if the suspect in fact stole it.

Two Arrested After They Use Taser at the Well

Tuesday, October 20th

Officers arrested two suspects on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 for multiple assaults after they were caught on camera hitting and tasing people at the Artesian Commons Park.

After receiving calls on the assaults, officers stopped a man and woman matching the suspects’ descriptions. They initially told officers they were assaulted at the park and claimed no knowledge of a taser. A witness approached officers and showed them a cell phone video of the man tasing people. “Zapping” noises were heard on the video as the suspect deployed the taser. The man was arrested for assault, but the officers did not find the taser on the suspect or in nearby garbage cans. The woman was released at the scene and went into her place of employment.

An officer reviewed footage from security cameras at the park. The video showed the female suspect strike a woman who was talking to her. She hit a second person who tried to intervene, goes back to hitting her first victim and then hits other people who try to stop the fight. The male suspect started tasing people who tried to break everything up.

Officers arrested the woman and once both suspects were in custody, they confessed to having the taser, but said they were only using it for protection. Officers found the taser at the woman’s job and the suspects confirmed it belonged to them. It looked like a flashlight, but produced an electric shock when pressing the buttons.

Twenty-three-year-old Orion Anderson was arrested for two counts of third degree assault and 23-year-old Amanda Kelly was arrested for four counts of fourth degree assault. Anderson was booked at the Thurston County jail and Kelly was booked at the Olympia City Jail.

Equipment Violation Leads to Arrest of Sex Offender

Saturday, October 17th

On October 17, 2015 officers arrested a man after he provided a false name during a traffic stop. The cop initially stopped the driver because his van had a broken brake light and it did not have a visible rear license plate.

The driver claimed he just bought the van, but was not able to provide proof of ownership, a bill of sale or the vehicle registration. He did not have a license or proof of insurance. The driver claimed he was from Nevada, but did not have any form of identification to confirm who he was. The name he provided came back as no record in Nevada and Washington.

The officer arrested the suspect for driving without a valid license and no other form of identification, and issued him tickets for the traffic infractions. While getting fingerprinted at the Olympia City Jail, his identification came back as 45-year-old Rye Meyer who had an outstanding warrant from the Department of Corrections for a Child Molestation charge in the first degree.

Meyer was rebooked at the Thurston County jail for his felony warrant.

Man Arrested for Stealing Bike

Wednesday, October 7th

Officers arrested a man for possession of stolen property and drugs after recovering a stolen bike from him the afternoon of October 7th, 2015.

The bike was stolen from the victim’s home on the 1200 block of Thurston Avenue. She parked the bike in her backyard the night before and when she went to retrieve it the morning of the 7th, the bike was missing and another bike was left in its place. The victim provided officers with a photo of her bike and its serial number.

Later that afternoon, a man rode by an officer on a bike matching the description of the victim's. When approached by the officer, before the officer even questioned him, the suspect immediately said he purchased the bike from someone that morning. The officer matched the serial numbers and confirmed the bike belonged to the victim. Her bike had blue baskets attached to it that the officer didn’t see and the suspect admitted to selling them earlier in the day.

The officer searched the suspect after arresting him for possession of stolen property and located a tin in the suspect’s pocket that contained Meth. Nineteen-year-old Joseph Tolbert was booked at the Thurston County Jail and the bike was returned to the victim.

Vet Clinic Heavily Damaged During Burglary, Suspect Arrested

Wednesday, October 7th

Around 3:00 a.m. on October 7th, officers were called to a burglary in progress at Olympia Veterinary Hospital on the 100 block of Division. Officers could hear glass breaking and things being thrown around inside the building. The suspect was breaking windows and throwing property out of them.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office with their K9 unit and the Tumwater Police Department arrived to assist OPD with the perimeter and entering the building. Multiple announcements were made through the police PA system and at the door that officers were entering, demanding the suspect surrender. He refused to do so.

As officers searched the building, they located the suspect inside one of the rooms, standing on a shelf about five feet off the ground. The suspect yelled and made threats to the officers and would not follow commands to come down. Officers struck him with a less-lethal 40 mm launcher, but the suspect still would not follow commands to come down. He was then struck with a Taser that caused him to fall back and allowed officers to safely grab and remove him from the shelf.

The suspect received medical attention and had a blood alcohol content level of .158. An officer had contact with him earlier in the night and he had told the officer he was having a bad day and had no purpose in life. The suspect caused significant damage to the business and early estimates put it at $100,000—operating-room equipment and an x-ray machine that were damaged could reach $60,000 in damage alone. No animals were hurt during the incident.

Twenty-five-year-old Ariel Calabria was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail for Commercial Burglary and Malicious Mischief.

Arrest of Student in Possession of Handgun at CHS

Thursday, October 1

On October 01, 2015, The Olympia Police Department Student Resource Officer (SRO) of Capital High School was notified that a student had brought a handgun on to the high school campus. The student in question is related to the SRO. Upon learning this information, the SRO removed the student from class and discovered that a handgun was in the student’s car. 

Other Olympia Police Department (OPD) officers and a supervisor were brought to the scene to investigate this matter. In order to prevent a perception of a conflict of interest, the SRO was removed from the investigation. The SRO has been temporarily re-assigned to other administrative duties while an internal review is conducted. The internal review will determine whether OPD and Olympia School District policies were followed. 

During the course of the investigation, officers learned that the suspect with the handgun had been in a dispute with another student about the theft of marijuana. The suspect reported that he feared an assault by the other student and so brought the handgun to school only as “protection”. There was no plan to harm other school students.

School administration contacted the other student involved in the dispute and pursuant to school policies they searched his property. They did not find a weapon, but they did recover approximately ¼ pound of marijuana from that student. School staff turned the marijuana over to OPD for investigation. 

The suspect found in possession of the handgun was arrested by the investigating Olympia Police Department officers. He was booked into jail for the crime of Possessing Dangerous Weapons on School Facilities. The investigating officers obtained a search warrant for the student’s vehicle and recovered the handgun. The loaded handgun was seized as evidence of the crime. Narcotics charges against the second student are being referred to the Juvenile Prosecutor.

Officer Kim Seig, an experienced SRO, will be serving as the Capital High School SRO starting on Monday. Officer Seig is well-known at Capital High School having worked as SRO at the school from 2006-2011.

Text to Friend Helps Prevent Assault

Monday, September 21st

Officers were called to a welfare check on the 600 block of American Street after 911 received a call from a third party of a possible domestic dispute. The victim had text a friend that she feared her baby’s father was going to hurt her because he was high on drugs and acting erratically.

Officers announced themselves when they arrived at the residence, but it took multiple knocks before they heard a woman ask someone to please open the door. Shortly after, the door opened and a distraught woman quickly exited the home with her child. Officers could see a man inside with his back to them. As he turned around, he pulled an eight-inch knife from his pocket and raised it in the air with a blank stare on his face. After multiple commands, he dropped the knife and obeyed instructions to lie on the ground.

As officers started to restrain him and do a pat down for other weapons, the man began resisting, turning his body and kicking his legs. He kept yelling for someone to call the police and it took three officers to restrain him. Once in the patrol car, an officer continued the weapon search and located a glass pipe with white residue inside that tested positive for meth. His fingertips were burned, a common injury for people who use meth pipes.

The woman told officers the man was her ex and did not live at the home. He was hallucinating and talking to himself due to the drugs, but did not harm her or their child and nothing was broken. Officers were originally going to charge the man with obstruction, but ended up transferring him to the hospital’s crisis unit due to his behavior.

Shot Fired at Restaurant Over the Weekend, Suspect Arrested

Saturday, September 12th

Officers arrested a man for felony harassment after he pointed a gun at a group of people and fired a round into the air at Emperor’s Palace on Cooper Point Road.

The suspect was intoxicated at the restaurant and was groping random woman towards the end of the night. The bartender had called him a cab, but his behavior continued while waiting for it. After continuing to grope women, a group of men removed the suspect from the restaurant. As they were exiting, the suspect ran into a door that did not open, which gave him a bloody nose.

A short time later, a group not involved with the disturbance finished their meals and exited the restaurant. As they approached their truck, the suspect started walking towards them, pointing a handgun at one person and yelling at him for assaulting him. The victim tried to explain to the suspect he hadn’t assaulted him, but the suspect continued yelling and walking towards him with the gun pointed directly at him. When he was within four feet of the victim, he raised his arm straight up and fired a round. The suspect then ran from the scene towards Goodwill.

As officers arrived, they located the suspect near Target. He was detained and the gun was recovered without incident. The suspect told officers he was punched in the face while walking in the street and was using the gun to protect himself from another assault. Witnesses positively identified the suspect and 30-year-old Anthony Oliviero was booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Man Arrested for Trespassing and Drugs

Monday, September 14th

On September 14, 2015, officers were dispatched to a trespassing call that turned into a drug arrest.

Two victims woke up to their dog barking outside around 6:00 a.m. The husband went outside to investigate and saw the suspect walking off his neighbor’s porch. He called out to the suspect, who then turned and started walking in his direction. The victim felt in danger as the suspect got closer and sprayed him with wasp and hornet killer. He kept the suspect on the ground with the can ready to spray until officers arrived.

The suspect told officers he was being chased by three men and approached the houses to seek help. He could not provide a description of the men or give an explanation as to why they were chasing him. Both the victims’ houses sit at the end of a long driveway and are not visible from the main road in the dark. The suspect passed at least six “No Trespassing” signs as he came down the driveway and could not provide an explanation for not stopping at any of the other houses he passed on his way to the victims’ homes. He was not sweating or out of breath and was seen on the porch of the second house on the street.

Officers arrested the suspect for criminal trespass. During the search incident to arrest, officers located Methamphetamine in one of his back pockets. Forty-six-year-old Leo Joyce was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and booked at the Thurston County Jail. Charges were referred to the prosecutor for criminal trespassing.

Shopping Cart Tip Leads to Vehicle Prowler Arrest

Friday, September 11th

Officers arrested a man for a vehicle prowl during the early morning of September 11, 2015. A witness saw the suspect enter a Honda, rummage around and then exit it, leaving the door wide open. He reported hearing noises that sounded like the suspect was pushing a shopping cart.

When officers arrived, they located the car and found the entire passenger side window smashed out. They found a rock wrapped in a bath mat lying near the car.

As they were inspecting the car, another officer located a man matching the suspect’s description that was pushing a shopping cart nearby. Officers had dealt with the suspect earlier in the night and observed fresh cuts on his hands and forearm that were not there a few hours before.

The owner of the car reported she was missing some notebooks, folders and pens from her car. Officers could see those items in plain view in the suspect’s shopping cart. The owner later confirmed the items in the cart were the items missing from her car. The witness was taken to the location of the suspect and confirmed he was the same man he saw in the Honda.

Fifty-one-year-old Timothy Degrange was arrested for vehicle prowl and booked at the Olympia City Jail.

Three Arrested in Auto Recovery

Monday, September 7th

The night of September 7, 2015, officers arrested three people for drugs and warrants after receiving a tip on a stolen vehicle. A friend of the victim spotted the car parked in the garage at the Ramada Inn Governor House on Capitol Way.

Four people were in the car when officers stopped it, three of which had outstanding felony warrants. The plastic surrounding the ignition was broken with exposed wiring and the car was running without a key in the ignition. The driver denied knowing the vehicle was stolen and said the key was lost.

During the initial stop, officers spotted a scale and bag of brown tar-like substance sitting on the middle console. They obtained a search warrant and found heroin, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the car.

Officers arrested 20-year-old Nikayla Abrena-Roberts, 24-year-old Jordan Douglas and 26-year-old William Peck. Officers arrested them for outstanding warrants, drug violations and the driver, Abrena-Roberts, was also arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. The fourth occupant was released at the scene.

Protesters Assault Bystander

Saturday, September 5th

Officers were called to an assault Saturday night in the midst of a protest on 4th Avenue downtown. Witnesses saw protesters surround a man on a motorcycle and beat him with a bat.

The victim, a US Air Force pilot stationed at Joint Base Lewis McCord, was stopped in traffic due to protesters marching in the street. The protesters saw two confederate flags attached to the back of the victim’s motorcycle and surrounded him, rocking the bike in an attempt to knock it over. They sprayed the victim in the face with mace, and struck him in the back with a baseball bat and a glass bottle filled with red paint.

The victim suffered severe eye irritation and a bruised shoulder and back. One of the witnesses attempting to assist the victim was also sprayed in the face with mace. The protesters all dressed in black and camouflage, and wore masks covering their faces. The best description provided of the protesters who struck the victim was two white males, one that was approximately 6’4”.

The Olympia Police Department has a long history of supporting protests and groups who exercise their First Amendment rights in a peaceful manner. We are proud to have assisted these peaceful groups in ensuring they have a safe arena to do so. This protest was not such a gathering and resulted in criminal activity with injuries to two victims and later, extensive damage to City Hall. This protest group identified themselves as “anarchists”, which is a local Hate Group. Their actions and message was violence and hatred. If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Olympia Police Department at (360) 753-8300 or Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Vehicle Prowl Arrest Results in Recovery of Stolen Items from Four Other Thefts

Sunday, August 30th

Police officers arrested a man on August 30, 2015 for a vehicle prowl that was eventually linked to 3 other vehicle prowls and a residential burglary.

A family returned to their car after shopping at the Capital Mall when the suspect, 28-year-old Troy Hodge, exited one of the rear doors as their nine-year-old daughter went to open it. When confronted, Hodge denied being in the car and continued into the mall. Shortly after, the family saw Hodge exit the mall and look into other cars and try to open the doors. He drove away in a Dodge and the family followed him as he drove to Applebee’s. He again began looking into cars and trying handles.

Officers stopped the Dodge and the victims confirmed it was the same man they saw in their car. No items were stolen from their car, but the handles of a bag had been cut. Without entering the Dodge, one of the officers viewed multiple car keys on different key rings, several backpacks and bags, tools, a car battery, a glass smoking pipe commonly used for drugs and a syringe.
Officers arrested Hodge for Vehicle Prowl with Property Damage and requested a search warrant for the Dodge.

When the warrant was granted, officers tested the glass pipe for drugs and it came back positive for meth. Officers discovered a case that contained a loaded syringe, several empty syringes, a spoon with burnt residue, a piece of plastic covered in brown, tar-like residue and small cotton balls soaked in a brown substance. The cotton tested positive for heroin.

Officers also found over 150 keys, all different models and types. They recovered two stolen vehicle registrations, stolen checks, a bag from Car Toys full of GPS tracking units, a stolen pill bottle, binoculars, a camera, a saw and various knives. They were able to track some of the belongings to two Olympia vehicle prowls, one Olympia residential burglary and a Lacey vehicle prowl.

Additional charges were referred to the prosecutor for Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Stolen Property.

Prolific Home Depot Shoplifter Arrested

Wednesday, August 26th

On August 26, 2015, officers arrested a robbery suspect for attempting to steal over $2,000 in merchandise from the Home Depot on Fones Road. The suspect is also accused of attempting to steal over $20,000 worth of product from Home Depots throughout the area over the last several months.

The suspect, thirty-year-old Michael Laughlin, and an accomplice stashed merchandise near a fire exit. The accomplice left to get a truck while Laughlin loaded the items into a cart, pretended to continue shopping, and then quickly exited out the fire door.

Two Loss Prevention employees watched the suspects and followed Laughlin once he exited the store without paying. Laughlin was loading merchandise into a truck when one of the employees tried to take him into custody. Laughlin fought with the employee and used a drill box to push against him in an attempt to get away. The other employee tackled Laughlin and they were able to handcuff him until officers arrived. The vehicle involved drove away, but employees were able to get the license plate number.

Officers seized Laughlin’s cell phone to try and identify his accomplice. The two are suspected of stealing $3,000 of merchandise from Tumwater and $2,000 from Olympia during a previous incident. They’ve attempted to steal over $8,000 from Gig Harbor, $4,000 from Tumwater and $1,900 from Federal Way. Laughlin was trespassed from the Olympia store in June 2015.

Laughlin was arrested for Robbery and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Employee Burglarizes Red Lobster

Wenesday, August 26th

Officers arrested a Red Lobster employee for breaking into the restaurant at 4505 Martin Way E during the early morning of August 26, 2015. They responded to an alarm sounding from the building around 1:00 a.m. and discovered a broken window with evidence of entry.

Officers, a Deputy and the K9 Unit cleared the building for any suspects. They discovered a medium-sized rock under one of the tables near the broken window. A blood trail led from the window directly to the back area of the restaurant where the dish rags are stored. The manager suspected an employee may have broken in because they knew exactly where to go for the rags. One of the last employees to leave that night was asking employees and the manager for money and continuously changing his story as to why he needed it.

Following a blood and glass trail across Martin Way, one of the officers located a subject on a bike riding towards him with a large bandage on his hand. The man told the officer he got off work at Red Lobster and went to check on his grandparents at a nearby trailer park. He claimed he hurt his hand crashing on the sidewalk, but the officer noticed no other scratches or signs of injury that indicate a bike crash.

The officer made contact with the suspect’s grandparents and noticed blood spots on some concrete outside the home. Bloody rags were found inside near the washing machine and blood was located in the kitchen. The officer noticed several pairs of shoes that matched the suspect’s in the house and while walking back to the suspect, found a similar shoe with glass shards on the ground.

When presented with all the evidence, the suspect admitted to breaking the window and entering the restaurant, stating he left the keys to his bike lock inside the restaurant and needed to retrieve them. He claimed he didn’t have the manager’s number and panicked.

Twenty-seven-year-old Kyle Chase was arrested for Burglary and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Suspect Breaks into Friend's Apartment

Monday, August 24th

The morning of August 24, 2015, officers were dispatched to a possible residential burglary at the Apple Park Apartments. A neighbor saw a man repeatedly attempting to kick in an apartment door.

Officers arrived to find the door ajar and the deadbolt slightly bent. After announcing their presence, a man matching the suspect’s description came to the door and said he was staying at the apartment with friends. He had returned to retrieve a backpack that he left behind. The suspect’s story continuously changed as officers questioned him.

The apartment appeared in order and when officers contacted one of the residents, he confirmed the suspect had in fact stayed on their couch the night before. Since nothing was missing, the resident decided not to press any charges. The suspect was released and left on a motorcycle.

When the residents returned home, one noticed that someone rifled through his room. The previous day, he sold a car for cash and the suspect was present at the transaction. The resident hid the money when the suspect was not around. The resident was certain that the suspect had his backpack when he left the apartment that morning and that he probably returned in search of the money. After discovering the new evidence, the residents wanted to move forward with charges.

Later in the day, dispatch broadcast an attempt-to-locate on a stolen motorcycle out of Thurston County that matched the one the suspect left on. It belonged to the suspect’s father. Thurston County Sheriff’s Department located the suspect and Olympia Police Officers arrested him. During the search incident to arrest, officers located a cigarette box containing heroin hidden in his waistband.

Twenty-two-year-old Andreas Karrer-McNair was arrested for Residential Burglary, Malicious Mischief and Possession of Heroin.

Driver Crashes into Building, Foils Attempted Burglary

Monday, August 24th

On August 19th, 2015, officers were called to the scene of a car that crashed through the wall of an apartment on the 500 block of Lilly Road.

The driver was at the apartment complex to assist a disabled friend prepare for bed. As she was leaving, she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, went over the curb, striking the vehicle next to her and continuing into the building. 

The resident was not home and returned after learning of the accident. As an officer walked through the apartment with her to survey the damage, the resident noticed her bedroom window was open, the screen was in the bushes, and the blinds were torn up. The window was secured when she left her home earlier in the day. Both the front and back door were unlocked, but the resident was confident she had locked them before leaving.

Nothing was stolen or out of place. It appeared that someone had made entry in an attempted burglary, but the woman crashing into the building scared them off. There are no suspects at this time.

Motor Burglar Arrested

Tuesday, July 28th

Police officers arrested a man for stealing two boat motors from two businesses on July 28, 2015. Two outboard motors were taken, one valued over $1,200.00 and the other around $300.00. Both motors were recovered broken at local trailer park.

Officers received a call from Thurston County Animal Services who had video of a man, later identified as forty-seven-year-old Alexander Dorian, entering their secured lot and stealing an outboard motor. Video captures Dorian climbing the fence and wandering around the facility before picking up a cooler full of unfrozen freezer pops. As he is carrying the cooler, he comes across a boat, removes the motor and wheels it away in a red wagon, and proceeds to drop it over the fence.

Shortly after contacting Animal Services, the owner of US Marine Sales contacted police after receiving a tip that some stolen motors were at the BMC Trailer Park. The tipster specifically stated Dorian stole the motors. The owner went to the trailer park and located a motor from his business along with the stolen motor from Animal Services. At his business, he showed officers where the motor was dropped over his fence as well. A large divot was found on the exterior of the fence, along with distinct shoe prints.

Officers contacted Dorian at a known hang out. When they arrived, he was wearing the same outfit caught on Animal Services’ security footage and his shoe prints matched those found at US Marine Sales. During questioning, Dorian admitted to stealing both motors by throwing them over the fence. He used a shopping cart to transport one and the red wagon to transport the other. He was upset at himself for breaking the motors because he didn’t think he could sell them.

Dorian was booked at Thurston County Jail for two counts commercial burglary.

Woman Hiding in Home Arrested for Warrants

Monday, July 20th

The morning of July 20, 2015, officers conducted a home search that resulted in the arrest of a woman with outstanding felony warrants.

An officer conducting an area check of Decatur Woods Park saw a man and woman lying under the playground unit. The officer made contact and they told him they were there to watch the sunrise and hadn’t left yet. They didn’t have identification on them, but provided names and birth dates that came back clear of any outstanding warrants.

As the officer was leaving, he was contacted by his Sergeant who informed him the woman’s description matched that of a woman with outstanding felony warrants for Residential Burglary and Narcotics. When the officer tried to re-contact the couple, the woman ran into a house on the 2200 block of 9th Avenue.

Officers showed a picture of the woman with felony warrants to the man from the park and he confirmed it was the same person. The owner of the house searched it and told officers she must have ran out the back door. The back was under surveillance and officers did not see her leave.The owner gave officers permission to search his home and they found the woman buried under insulation in the attic.

Twenty-five-year-old Deseree Herbert was arrested and booked at Thurston County Jail.

Suspect Arrested in Lakefair Pepper-Spray Incident

Sunday, July 19th

The evening of the 19th, officers were called to the main stage at Lakefair for an assault that occurred during one of the musical performances. A group of protestors caused a disturbance that resulted in a spectator getting pepper sprayed in the eye.

Around 100 people were watching the performance when a man approached the stage and pulled the microphone and stand off the stage as the band was still playing. Another man started chanting “Black Lives Matter” into the microphone and a group of about 20 people started chanting with him.

Several members of the audience and Lakefair staff confronted the man and tried to get the microphone back. During the altercation, one of the audience members trying to retrieve the microphone was pepper sprayed in the face. The protestors dispersed and headed out of the fair.

A few blocks from the incident, officers located a man matching the suspect’s description. Two witnesses positively identified him as the man who took the microphone and pepper sprayed the victim. Officers located a pepper-spray canister on the suspect that appeared to be recently used. Thirty-seven-year-old Coyote Acabo was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail for Aggravated Assault.

Police Arrest Man for Vehicular Assault and Hit and Run

Thursday, July 16th

Around 1:00 this morning, an officer driving on 4th Avenue with his window down heard a woman shouting for help near Eastside Big Tom. Two witnesses were standing near the road and told the officer they were riding bikes with their friend when he was struck by a car that drove away after hitting him.

The victim and witnesses were riding in the bike lane on 4th Avenue. When the lane ended, two of the riders moved to the sidewalk while the victim stayed on the road near the curb. A white Dodge Dart approached and collided with the back tire of the victim, causing him to fly up onto the hood of the car and into the windshield. The car did not slow down and the victim fell off the car as it proceeded to drive away.

The officer located a car with damage to its front windshield that matched the description provided by the witnesses. Once stopped, the driver tried to exit the car and almost fell when he attempted to sit back down. He smelled of alcohol and had blood shot, watery eyes. When asked how much he’d had to drink, he told the officer “too much to remember”. He struggled to locate his license, registration and proof of insurance. The officer questioned if he knew why he was being stopped and the suspect said because he hit someone on a bike. He admitted he left the scene because he was drunk and didn’t want to get into trouble.

Twenty-six-year-old Michael Dillman was booked at the Thurston County Jail for Vehicular Assault and Hit and Run. Charges were referred to the prosecutor for DUI. The victim was treated for his injuries at St. Peter’s Hospital.

Bike Theft Suspect Arrested for Trespassing

Friday, July 10th

Officers arrested a man for trespassing at the Olympia Police Department around 4:00 this morning. The suspect, twenty-three-year-old Chandler Davis, was attempting to retrieve a bike officers had seized from him for safe keeping.

An officer patrolling downtown conducted a welfare check on Davis after seeing him lying down in the middle of Sylvester Park. Davis was exiting the park when the officer contacted him. He was clearly intoxicated with slurred speech and asked the officer for a ride to Lacey. The officer suggested he catch a cab as he had seen some on 4th Avenue.

About 15 minutes later, the officer was standing near the Artesian Commons Park when he saw Davis ride by him on a bike. A witness contacted the officer and reported he thought Davis had stolen the bike. The officer drove after Davis and saw he had no front or rear lights and he was swerving into the middle of the street.

Davis was instructed to get off the bike and asked where he got it. Davis admitted stealing the bike after realizing it wasn’t locked up. When the officer told Davis he was going to seize the bike and attempt to locate the real owner, Davis became angry and told the officer “You’re not taking that bike, that’s my bike and I am riding it home to Lacey.”

Davis was informed that due to his intoxication it was not safe for him to ride the bike regardless and that he was free to go. He could retrieve the bike after showing proof of ownership during business hours the next day. Davis became increasingly agitated as officers asked him to leave the area.

He eventually left the scene, but officers later saw him tuck into a doorway that leads into the Olympia Police Department parking lot where the bike had been secured. Davis told officers he was waiting for someone to leave so he could go in and get the bike. When again told he would have to wait until business hours, Davis told the officer he was going to wait in the doorway. The officer pointed out it wasn’t a safe place to wait because people exiting the door wouldn’t see him.

Officers told him he could wait on the public sidewalk and they attempted to leave the scene. As they were leaving, another officer was returning to the lot and opened the vehicle entry gate. Davis stepped in front of the car, preventing the officer from entering. He eventually moved and allowed the car access.

As the gate began to close, Davis stepped across the gate threshold, causing it to re-open. He was told by officers to leave or he would be arrested for trespassing. Officers again tried to walk away and Davis again stepped into the lot. He was removed and told it was his last warning. He attempted a third time to enter the lot. Davis was arrested and booked at the Olympia City Jail for Criminal Trespass.

Vandalism Suspect Arrested, Sought in Second Suspicious Circumstance

July 7th and 8th

On Tuesday, July 7, 2015, officers were called to a report of vandalism at apartments on the 1200 block of Chestnut Street. The initial call came from the suspect, who told dispatchers that he had smoked weed and done LSD. Another man got on the phone and reported the suspect had damaged his property.

A witness notified the apartment manager of the suspect, twenty-three-year-old Marc Ramsey, drawing on the front door with a marker. After making the 911 call, Ramsey fled the scene. Ramsey had drawn an eye, ‘420’, ‘LSD’ and ‘Free Will’ on the door. As officers searched the area for Ramsey, a witness notified officers that he saw the suspect smoking something and drawing on the hood of a Tenino Police patrol car. The witness pointed officers to the direction Ramsey had headed.

Officers located Ramsey and saw he had also drawn on his face and arms with a blue marker. They located a bag belonging to Ramsey containing numerous markers and highlighters. Ramsey was booked at the Olympia City Jail for Malicious Mischief. He was later released pending trial.

The next night, officers were called to a suspicious person at an apartment complex on 10th Avenue. A man, later identified as Ramsey, told a maintenance worker that he was locked out of his apartment.

The employee let Ramsey into the apartment, and Ramsey left the front door open after entering. He was acting strangely and kept coming out to talk to the employee. The employee began to question if Ramsey actually lived in the apartment and called the manager. The apartment was rented by a woman who lived alone. When told he was not supposed to be there and that the police had been called, Ramsey fled the scene, dropping a cloth bag as he fled.

The resident of the apartment returned home and found silly string sprayed all over the wall, TV, computer and floor. Ramsey ate a banana, turned on the AC unit and plugged in a clothing iron. The only items missing were $20.00, some batteries and an E-Cig battery. The $20.00 was located in the cloth bag Ramsey dropped. Officers could not locate Ramsey for questioning.

Two Suspects Arrested for Commercial Burglary

Wednesday, June 24th

Around 2:00 a.m. on June 24, 2015, officers were called to a security alarm sounding at Smokin J’s on Pacific Avenue. Officers found a shattered window at the front of the store with a hole about 4 feet in diameter. It appeared suspects had entered through the window and grabbed cigarettes and other merchandise. Product was scattered all over the floor.

Officers contacted Thurston County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a K-9 track and attempt to locate the suspects. They started the track from a pack of cigarettes that was dropped in the road.

While establishing a perimeter for the track, an officer noticed a car with two male occupants parked at a closed business. When the officer approached the vehicle, the man at the driver’s side was sweating profusely and was out of breath. The men denied any knowledge of a burglary and were eventually released from the scene. Both men had suspended licenses and left on foot.

Thirty minutes later, the K-9 track led the deputy to the same car. Officers re-located the men and detained them for further questioning. Officers noticed fresh scratch marks on one man’s shoulder that were consistent with rubbing against something sharp. The tread pattern on the suspects’ shoes matched fresh prints that were found on the scene and glass was found in the tread of one of the suspect’s shoes.

Officers arrested 34 year-old Shane Nelson and 28 year-old Gabriel Yates for second-degree Burglary and booked them at the Thurston County Jail.

Assault on Woodland Trail

Wednesday, June 24th

Officers were called to the Woodland Trail during the morning of June 24, 2015 when a woman reported a stranger on a bike had slapped her butt while she was running. Officers arrived quickly and set up a perimeter to try and catch the suspect.

The victim was just past the two mile marker when the incident occurred. After slapping her, the suspect stopped his bike, turned around and smiled at the victim. He then left the scene. While an officer was taking the initial report from the victim, the suspect came out of some bushes down the trail, but took off back into the bushes when he saw the officer. Officers were not able to locate the suspect after an extensive search.

The suspect was described as a white male with darker skin and long dark hair. He was riding a bike, wearing red clothing and had a backpack on. If you see someone matching this description, please contact the Olympia Police Department at (360) 753-8300 or Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

East Bay Swimmer

Thursday, June 11th

During the morning of June 11, 2015, officers were dispatched to Swantown Marina & Boatworks for a report of someone trying to steal a bike near the docks. The suspect was fleeing towards Hands On Children’s Museum.

Security at the marina saw three men he didn’t recognize approach a bike rack near the docks. Two got on bikes and road off. As he approached the third man, the suspect fled on a bike, eventually ditched it and ran away on foot. The suspect hid near the Hands on Children’s Museum before deciding to flee into the water.

As officers arrived on scene, the suspect ran into the bay and started swimming towards East Bay Drive. He eventually stopped on a mud bar about 25 feet into the bay, breathing heavily. He stayed in the water, ignoring commands from officers to return to shore. After about 15 minutes, the tide started to come in and cover the mud bar the suspect was resting on. He decided to make his way back to the officers.

A witness told police they saw the suspect discard a bright orange pouch before running into the water. Officers located the missing pouch and found Methamphetamine inside.

The suspect told officers the bike was his, but he ran from security because he had outstanding warrants. He discarded the bike while fleeing because the chain fell off and he thought he would be faster on foot. He told officers he decided to swim because he was “just trying to get away.”

Twenty-five-year-old Devin Dickman was booked at the Thurston County Jail for his outstanding warrant and Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance. Charges were referred to prosecutors for Obstruction for failing to comply with verbal commands to come out of the water.

Canine Track Leads to Burglars' Arrests

Monday, June 8th

In the early morning of June 8, 2015, officers were dispatched to an attempted burglary call that resulted in the arrest of two suspects for three burglaries and a vehicle prowl.

The first call originated on the 800 block of Cooper Point Loop. The victim stated she woke up to a hand holding a flashlight, reaching through a hole the burglars cut in her window screen. She yelled at the person and they fled the scene. Officers requested a canine track since the suspects may not have gotten too far.

While speaking to the victim, dispatch advised an interrupted vehicle prowl occurred a couple of blocks away from their current location. A security guard at a construction site on the 3600 block of Forestbrook reported she heard her car’s horn honk and as she approached it to investigate, saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat and another man standing outside it. She yelled at them to stop and they took off running.

The canine track was started at the vehicle prowl and OPD’s canine Wico located the two suspects at the 1100 block of Cooper Point Road with flashlights and a silver folding knife. The security guard positively identified 18-year-old Anthony Just and 19-year-old Baltazar Saunders as the men at her vehicle. While searching the suspects incident to arrest, officers located a tablet with a woman’s name on the home screen, a cell phone, a yellow purse with cash inside, 1966 college ring and a silver house key.

One of the suspects confessed to both men being involved in multiple burglaries. They stole from a home that left its front door unlocked, another with an open front window and attempted a third house with an open front window, but the victim started yelling at them and called the cops. After fleeing the third house, they came across the security guard’s car with its window down and decided to enter it. After accidentally honking the horn, they fled when the security guard approached them.

After confessing, the suspect took officers to the different residences they burglarized and confirmed what he thought was taken from each house. Both suspects were booked at the Thurston County Jail for three counts of residential burglary and vehicle prowl.

Suspects Sought in Vehicle Prowl

Monday, June 1st

During the morning of June 1st, 2015, officers were called to a theft in progress near the corner of Harrison Avenue and Plymouth Street. The victim saw a man prowling his car and attempted to stop him.

The victim arrived to work and was exiting a building when he saw a man going through his property at the driver’s side door. The suspect took off running with a bag belonging to the victim and jumped into a truck that was waiting for him. The victim pursued him and reached through the passenger window, grabbing the suspect and demanding his property back. The driver started driving as the victim was still hanging out the window. He was able to gain control of his bag before letting go of the suspect. The victim suffered abrasions to his arm as a result of the truck dragging him.

The suspects are described as a white male around 5’8” with a thin build, brown hair and facial scruff. He was wearing black pants and a baseball hat on backwards. The driver was a white female, medium build, with long brown curly hair that was pulled up. They were driving a clean, dark-blue Ford F-150 pickup with an extra or extended cab that was a late 90s or early 2000s model.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Olympia Police Department at (360) 753-8300 or Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Dispute Results in Stabbing; Suspect Arrested

Saturday, May 30th

On the night of May 30, 2015, officers were called to a stabbing downtown near the intersection of 7th Avenue and Franklin Street. The victim waved down a patrol officer as witnesses simultaneously called 911 to report the incident. The victim suffered a severe stab wound to his arm and an officer immediately applied a tourniquet while paramedics were in route.

The stabbing occurred after an argument broke out over a spot to sleep. The victim had been staying on a specific couch and maintaining the area as a living space. He found the suspect sleeping on the couch and noticed some of his belongings were missing. After confronting him, the suspect pulled a knife and the victim walked away in search of his belongings. When he returned to gather the rest of his property, the suspect attacked him with the knife. The victim used a broom to defend himself before the suspect ran off.

Witnesses said the suspect and victim were arguing when they saw the suspect make a stabbing motion and heard the victim scream. The suspect then fled and they chased after him. When they couldn’t catch him, they called 911 and also flagged down an officer.

The victim was initially taken to St. Peter’s Hospital, but was transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Doctors later informed OPD that the tourniquet ultimately saved the victim’s life. If he had gone any longer, he would have suffered an arterial bleed out and death.

On Monday, June 1st, a witness of the original incident saw the suspect at Ralph’s Thriftway and tipped off law enforcement to his location. Thirty-year-old Ryan Wolf was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail for Assault 1st.

Suspect Arrested for Felony Harassment

Saturday, May 30th

During the early morning of May 30, 2015, officers were dispatched to an unwanted person call at Burger King on the West side. While in route, the suspect pulled a knife on one of the employees.

When the first officer arrived, he witnessed the suspect walking towards an employee with a knife displayed at chest level. The officer ordered the suspect to drop the knife and diverted her attention away from the employee, who was able to run behind the officer for protection while the suspect was distracted. The suspect turned towards the officer and then followed commands to drop the knife. She started to walk away from the officer, but was secured with assistance from other arriving officers.

Employees said the suspect was sitting on the front steps of the restaurant with a bottle of alcohol while they prepared to close. They told the suspect to leave multiple times before calling 911 for assistance in removing her. As police arrived, the suspect pulled a knife on one of the employees, who started walking backwards to draw her away from the other employees and witnesses.

Kellie Trent, 41, was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail for felony harassment.

Donut Thief Arrested, Trespassed

Friday, May 15th

On May 15, 2015, officers were dispatched to a theft at the Haggen’s grocery store on the westside. A man had left without paying for items he consumed while in the store.

Twenty-eight-year-old Michael Riddleburger was seen eating a donut from the bakery as he walked through the store. Employees then witnessed him remove a Coke from a fridge and start to drink it. When told he needed to pay for the items, he stated that the Coke was terrible, returned it to the refrigerator and proceeded to leave without paying.

Employees informed officers that Riddleburger had been contacted several times throughout the week for similar circumstances. He would use store products without buying them and become aggressive when confronted by the manger.

Officers searched the surrounding area and located Riddleburger at a restaurant nearby. He was arrested for theft and booked at the Olympia Police Department Jail. He was also trespassed from Haggen’s property and told he could not return.

Intercity Transit Assault Suspect Arrested

Thursday, May 14th

On May 14, 2015, officers were dispatched to an assault on a security officer at the Intercity Transit Station downtown.

The suspect, twenty-three-year-old Milton Halverson, was going in and out of the bathroom at the station. The on-duty security officer told him to leave the property because of his suspicious behavior. Halverson started to leave the area, but then turned around and charged at the security officer, yelling in the officer’s face and pushing his head. The officer pushed Halverson away, who in return punched the officer in the face several times. Witnesses separated the two, but Halverson continued to punch the officer until he was taken to the ground by another witness. A friend of Halverson pushed the witness off him and they both left the scene.

Officers located the friend and interviewed her about the incident, who confirmed witness accounts of the event. They also reviewed video surveillance from the station that caught the incident on camera. Another Intercity Transit employee later spotted Halverson walking and officers were able to locate and arrest him.

Halverson was booked at the Thurston County Jail for Third degree Assault.

Suspect Arrested for Vandalism to Police Car

Sunday, May 10th

Around two in the morning on May 10, 2015, witnesses saw a man vandalizing the Downtown Walking Patrol’s vehicle. They located the officers to inform them of the vandalism.

Witnesses saw the suspect, twenty-five-year-old Chaske Lindgren, tear the passenger side mirror off the patrol car and slam it into the windshield. He kicked the car and threw a garbage can at it. One witness was in his car nearby and started honking his horn to try and get Lindgren to stop.

With assistance from a witness, the officers located Lindgren walking a couple blocks away from the incident. Walking Patrol called out for Lindgren to stop, but after looking at the officers, he continued to walk away. As officers attempted to detain Lindgren for questioning, he resisted their grasp while swearing and pulling away from them. Both officers restrained him, but were not able to cuff him until back up arrived.

While waiting, Lindgren started kicking one of the officers in the shins and stomping on his feet. Once other officers arrived and Lindgren was cuffed, he kicked at the vehicle and tires. Lindgren struggled with officers as they attempted to put him in the patrol vehicle, refusing to sit and preventing officers from putting his legs into the car.

Lindgren was booked at the Thurston County Jail for third degree assault, malicious mischief and resisting arrest.

Mail Thief Arrested for Multiple Charges

Monday, April 27th

The morning of April 27, 2015, officers were dispatched to a mail theft on the 1700 block of Bethel Street. A neighbor witnessed a suspect take a package off the victim’s porch and leave the scene with a woman.

Officers located the suspects not far from the victim’s house. They did not have a package on them, but the witness confirmed they were the same people he saw. When questioned by police, the male suspect admitted to taking the package with the intention to sell whatever was inside. He threw it in the bushes when he saw the contents and deemed them invaluable. Officers located the discarded package, which contained a bath mat.

The suspect initially gave a false name, but a search incident to arrest revealed he was twenty-three-year-old Broc Lowe. He confessed to providing false information because he had a warrant for his arrest. During the search, officers also located methamphetamine hidden in a cigarette box.

Lowe was arrested for Theft, Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and for his outstanding warrant. He was booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Police and Homeowners Foil Home Invasion

Friday, April 17th

On the night of April 17, 2015, officers were called to an attempted burglary at a residence on the 1600 block of 4th Avenue. The victims heard noises coming from their laundry room and discovered a suspect reaching his arm through the laundry room window.

One of the victims was baking late at night while her family slept. She heard sounds that were louder than typical household noises and woke her husband to investigate. The husband saw the suspect’s gloved hand and half his arm reaching into the house through an area in the window that was usually covered by a board for the dryer vent.

The victim went outside to confront the suspect while his wife called 911. The suspect fled, tripping over rocks as the victim followed. The victim flagged down police as they arrived on scene and they took over the chase.

An officer saw the suspect running not too far from the home. The suspect jumped into nearby bushes when he noticed the officer and when commanded to come out, he fled down a nearby alley. He attempted to jump over a fence, but didn’t get enough air and landed on his back. The officer apprehended the suspect and he was positively identified by the victim. He would not provide his information to officers, but his identification card was later located. Officers also recognized him from a suspected shoplift and a complaint of a verbal domestic issue earlier in the day.

Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Cummings was booked at the Thurston County Jail for Residential Burglary.

World War II Vet Attacked in Car

Wednesday, April 15th

On the evening of April 15, 2015, officers were dispatched to a disturbance at Bayview Thriftway downtown. A man threw a rock into a car window and was climbing through it, attacking the 90-year-old passenger in the front seat.

As the victim, a World War II Veteran, waited in the passenger seat for his daughter to grab a few groceries, the suspect approached the driver’s side window and asked for a cigarette. When the victim said he didn’t have any, the suspect threw a 10 pound rock at the driver’s side window, completely shattering the glass and just missing the victim. He started climbing through the broken window, attacking the victim. The victim struck back to keep him off before a witness pulled the suspect out of the vehicle. Some of the glass embedded in the victim’s arm, causing it to bleed.

A group of about ten people surrounded the suspect to prevent him from causing more harm to the victim until police arrived. When officers arrived, the suspect complied with their commands and was arrested without incident. He would not provide the officers with a statement or motive.

Forty-eight-year-old Keith Davis was arrested and booked at the Thurston County Jail for Second Degree Assault and Felony Harassment.

Woman Uses her Car Horn to Summon Help from Witnesses

Wednesday, April 15th

On April 15, 2015, officers were dispatched to an assault in the 200 block of Lilly Road. In an attempt to steal a woman’s car, the suspect tried to physically remove the woman from her car and a struggle ensued over the keys.

The victim was in her car talking on the phone when the suspect, Willem Gmazel, approached the driver’s side and pulled the door open, demanding she give him her car. The victim removed the keys from the ignitition, holding them away from Gmazel as he grabbed and pulled at her arm trying to get them. He then attempted to pull the victim out of the car by her legs. The victim kicked at Gmazel and started continuously honking her horn for help. Witnesses heard the commotion and came to the victim’s assistance. One called 911 while another tried to distract Gmazel and get him away from the victim.

Two days prior, Gmazel was arrested by Olympia Police for vandalism and disorderly conduct. He entered Rite Aid on the West side and was throwing product off shelves and knocking over displays. He was arrested and placed at Behavior Health Resources (BHR) for a mandatory mental health holding period. Just prior to attacking the woman in her vehicle, Gmazel struck one of the employees at BHR and scaled a fence to escape. He then fled to Lilly Road where he attempted to steal the car. Gmazel was arrested for Robbery and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Suspect Charged with Endangering Others

Tuesday, April 14th

On April 14, 2015, officers were dispatched to a suspicious circumstance in the parking lot of Lowe’s on Martin Way. The victim reported a man attempted to enter her car as she was exiting her parking space.

The victim initially noticed the suspect, 47-year-old Mark Snodderly, watching her as she put her purchases in the trunk of her car. She became nervous as she entered her vehicle and saw Snodderly start walking towards her. She was already reversing when he opened the passenger door and started to climb in. She immediately accelerated backwards, causing the suspect to fall out of the car and the door to slam shut. She called 911 once she was away from Snodderly.

Snodderly then entered the garden section of Lowe’s and caused a disturbance while taking off his shirt. He was seen walking towards North Thurston High School and then returned to Lowes and attempted to access a trash compactor. Once detained, Snodderly had difficulty communicating with officers, but denied using drugs or alcohol. He would not say why he attempted to enter the victim’s car.

Snodderly was transferred to St. Peter’s Hospital for an evaluation and was later cited for Disorderly Conduct, Endangering Others.

Unwise Prop Found on Robbery Suspect

Wednesday, April 8th

On April 8, 2015, officers were called to a robbery at a Subway restaurant on the west side. A man entered the store and stole money from the register, along with an employee’s cell phone. Officers apprehended the suspect after a short foot pursuit near the Grocery Outlet.

An employee was in the back room of the restaurant when she heard the front door ring as if someone had entered. She did not see any customers when she first viewed the lobby. As she came further out of the back, she saw a man in a white hat with a red bandana over his face standing behind the sandwich counter.

The suspect told the employee not to “do anything funny” and reached into his pocket as if he had a weapon. He ordered the employee to open the cash register and put her hands on her head. He took the cash and fled the store, taking a blue shopping cart with him. After calling 911, the employee realized her phone was also missing.

When officers located the suspect near the Grocery Outlet, he took off running, ignoring officer commands to stop. He ran behind the shopping complex and an officer found him hiding behind a dumpster. The office gave multiple commands to get on the ground before the suspect complied. Officers searched the suspect and located a knife in his pocket, $100.00 cash and a smartphone that matched the description of the employee’s missing phone. He also had a white canvas bag tied to the front of his pants that had a dollar sign printed on it. The shopping cart was filled with consumer goods and seized for further investigation.

The suspect refused to provide his identity to the officers, but they were able to locate a booking picture at the Thurston County Jail that identified him as twenty-two year-old David Lingafelter. He was booked for Robbery and Obstructing.

Sight-seeing Trespasser Arrested

Wednesday, April 1st

On April 1, 2015 around 7:30 p.m., officers were called to a construction site near the downtown Olympia Federal Savings. A pedestrian reported seeing a man scale the 8 foot fence that surrounded the site.

Officers made contact with the on-duty security officer who confirmed no one should have been inside the fenced area. Officers located the suspect, Steven O’Hare, walking around the second floor of the building. O’Hare was wearing thick padded work gloves with plastic reinforced knuckles that were out of place with the rest of his clothing.

O’Hare told officers he was in the building to sight see and that he wanted to know more about the construction. He agreed with officers that the fence he scaled was probably intended to keep people out and claimed he entered because he thought he saw the owner on the top floor. He said he was wearing gloves because he had been working in the cold, but he would not tell officers where that was. 

Officers arrested O’Hare for Trespass and booked him at the Olympia City Jail.

Man Arrested for Multiple Assaults

Tuesday, March 31st

On March 31, 2015, officers were called to an assault at the downtown Les Schwab Tire Center. A man assaulted a woman and hit an employee who tried to help.

The suspect approached a woman near the building and asked her if she wanted to smoke. When she declined, he threw a lighter at her and followed her as she tried to walk away. When asked to leave her alone, the suspect continued to harass her and pulled her towards him. An employee intervened and the suspect hit him in the face. At that point, other employees surrounded the suspect to keep him away from the woman.

When officers arrived, the employees had gone into the store, but the suspect was still outside. As an officer tried to detain him, the suspect twisted out of the officer’s grasp and attempted to hit him in the face, making slight contact. He started running towards the store entrance, but listened to the officers’ commands to stop as back up arrived.

Officers arrested thirty-two year-old Sol Grover and booked him at Thurston County Jail for multiple counts of assault.

Target Robbery Suspect Arrested

Tuesday, March 24th

On March 24, 2015, officers responded to a robbery reported at Target on the west side. A man stole around $500.00 worth of electronic merchandise, struck store security when they confronted him and then fled the store.

Target security officers saw a man enter the store with a backpack and recognized him from a previous theft incident. Keeping an eye on him, they witnessed him conceal three electronic items in his backpack. One of the security officers cut him off at the exit and attempted to stop him. A short struggle ensued before the suspect struck the security officer in the face. At that point, security released the suspect and he fled on foot.

A witness of the altercation followed the suspect at a distance and saw him flee towards Ace Hardware and then Yauger Park. While in route to the park, the witness saw the suspect throw several items in the trash. Officers later located a pair of shoes and a hat that matched what the suspect was wearing in one of the trash cans near Ace Hardware.

Officers saw the suspect head into the wooded area of Yauger Park and approached opposite ends of the trail to cut him off. They detained the suspect as he headed back out of the woods. The witness and security officers confirmed the apprehended man was the suspect.

The suspect no longer had the backpack he was wearing during the robbery, so officers searched the woods and the route he took when he fled. They located the backpack on top of gardening material bags piled outside of Ace. Officers found three Slingboxes with security tags still attached and a knife inside the backpack.

Thirty-two year-old Joshua Harkcom was arrested for second degree robbery and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Tow Yard Burglary

Wednesday, March 18th

In the early morning of March 18, 2015, officers were called to a burglary in progress at an impound lot on the 600 block of Devoe. A witness reported seeing a man inside the fenced lot peering into vehicle windows.

Upon arriving at the scene, one officer witnessed the suspect canvassing an RV. The suspect spotted another approaching officer and hid behind the vehicle. He was stopped as he attempted to exit the lot through a large whole cut into the fence. He admitted to being in the lot and told officers he was “rummaging.” The suspect was carrying multiple bags and confessed that the bagged items were removed from the vehicles on the impound lot.

Inside the bags, officers found cell phones, an MP3 player, a car radio faceplate, paperwork, pens, screwdrivers and other random items all stolen from vehicles in the tow yard. While searching the lot, officers smelled a strong scent of gasoline and located two fuel cans under the RV the suspect was seen hiding behind. It appeared the suspect was siphoning gas prior to officers arriving at the scene.

Michael Crawford was booked into Thurston County Jail for Burglary 2nd and charges of Theft and Vehicle Prowling were referred to the prosecutors’ office for review.

Drunk Munchies Lead to Burglary

Wednesday, March 18th

Just after midnight on March 18, 2015, officers responded to a burglary in progress at the Jack in the Box on Plum Street. Two employees stated that a man had entered the restaurant through the drive-thru window.

Employees heard the bell ring notifying them of a new drive-thru customer, but said it then went silent, so no order was taken. Moments later, the employees saw a man and woman on the surveillance video approach the drive-thru window and peer in. The man pried open the window and climbed through it. Both employees feared they were going to be robbed and remained in the office to call 911. While law enforcement was in route, the male suspect started handing food out the window to the woman.

As an officer approached the back door of the business, a man smelling of alcohol exited the door. The officer stated who he was and tried to determine if the man was an employee or the suspect. The man stared silently, so the officer detained him. Once cuffed, the suspect asked “where is everyone at?”

Officers located the woman in the parking lot. The man claimed that after ordering a burger at the drive-thru, he noticed no one was in the window for pick up, so he decided to climb through. He admitted to taking French fries, but eventually stopped cooperating with the interview and wouldn’t provide any other information.

Twenty-seven year old Travis Darnell was arrested for Burglary 2nd and booked at the Thurston County Jail.

Wednesday, March 11th

On Wednesday night, an officer patrolling near a closed office building noticed a man and woman sitting in the building alcove. As the officer stopped to make contact, both people began furiously trying to hide something. The officer explained to the man and woman that the business was closed and they needed to move along. Both seemed overly nervous for the friendly contact. As the two began to gather their belongings to leave, a needle loaded with heroin rolled out from behind them. The officer asked them both to have a seat on some steps to investigate the narcotics, called for back-up and asked the two for their identification. The woman complied, but the man said he didn’t have any identification. He then verbally gave the officer a phony name.

The officer noticed that the male continued to be overly nervous, fidget and quickly look around the area. The officer stated to the man, “It looks like you’re going to run.” He told the officer he wasn’t going to do that. A back-up officer arrived, so the contacting officer checked on the identity of the suspects. Suddenly, up jumped the man and he took off running. The officers radioed other officers of the fleeing suspect. The first officer turned back to the woman and said, “Well, I suppose that means the heroin was his.” “Yep,” replied the woman.

A short distance away, two officers checking a parking lot for the fleeing man heard a large plastic recycling can rattle. When they opened the lid…there was the suspect. They helped him out of the recycling and the original investigating officer contacted the suspect again. The officer explained that it’s always best to be truthful to police officers. So, the suspect provided his real name and told the officer he had more heroin in his pocket.

The suspect turned out to have a Washington State Department of Corrections arrest warrant issued for failing to comply with his conditions of release from prison for…possession of narcotics. Booked into jail for the Warrant and the Narcotics was 21 year-old Jeffrey Evans.

Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Commercial Burglaries

Friday, March 6th

Two businesses on the 1800 block of Cooper Point Road were burglarized during the early morning of March 6, 2015. A computer, two laptops, and cash were among items stolen from the businesses. No signs of forced entry were found. Officers reviewed video footage from an outside security system and didn’t see anyone enter overnight, but saw a man exiting the back of the business around 6:30 a.m. carrying a black backpack, a white bag and a computer. The suspect appeared to be wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey and black baseball cap.

Officers obtained photographs of the suspect from the video and showed them to the manager of an apartment across the street from the burglary. The manager recognized the suspect and directed officers to an apartment he was seen at. Residents of the apartment identified the suspect and confirmed seeing him with the stolen property. The residents later contacted police confirming a location they were at with the suspect.

Upon arrival, officers located the suspect in the back seat of a vehicle near a downtown business. The suspect was initially uncooperative and would not provide his name or birthday. The owner of the vehicle allowed officers to search her trunk where she saw the suspect place some items. Officers located the computer and black backpack stuffed with property from the businesses. While interviewing witnesses the suspect had contacted throughout the day, officers located the Bulls jersey and baseball cap he wore during the burglaries. Witnesses verified that the clothing belonged to the suspect.

During the arrest, officers located a large amount of cash and coins in the suspect’s pant pocket, as well as a gift card from one of the burglarized businesses. After initially denying any involvement in the burglary, the suspect eventually admitted what he’d done, but claimed he thought he was “drugged”. He said he entered one of the businesses while it was open to find a place to sleep. Waking up hungry in a “dream-like state”, he admitted to eating food and stealing the items from the businesses. He claimed that he did not intend to steal anything and that he just wanted to give the items back.

Bobby Alexander, a registered sex offender from Oregon, was arrested for burglary and booked at the Thurston County jail.

Woman Seeks Help at Station

Thursday, March 5th

During the early morning of March 5, 2015, a woman with visible injuries to her face was found frantically knocking on a door of the OPD West station. Officers responding to the knocks noted the woman was crying heavily and had a red, raised bump near her right cheek bone. The woman told officers her boyfriend had hit her and was walking away from the police station. Officers stopped the suspect and detained him for questioning.

The victim said that the couple started arguing after she returned home from work and the suspect had slapped her. Later in the evening, they went to the car to talk. After denying accusations he was making at her, he started to punch her in the face. As they were arguing, the victim had driven towards the police station. While pretending to turn around, she parked next to the station and exited the vehicle for help. Once the suspect realized where they were, he also exited the vehicle and started to leave the scene before the officers stopped him.

The suspect denied hitting the victim and alleged her injuries were from purposely hitting her head on the interior of the vehicle. His story changed many times while in police custody. Oluwagbemiga Oladoye was arrested and booked for Assault in the Fourth Degree, Domestic violence.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence, help is available. Please call 911, find the nearest police officer, station or business, or reach out to Safeplace at 360-754-6300, available 24 hours. Safeplace provides crisis intervention, support groups, legal referrals, shelter, and emergency items. You can also call the 24 hour toll free Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-562-6025.

Burglary Suspect Arrested

Tuesday, March 3rd

The morning of March 3rd, officers were called to a burglary at an apartment complex on the 1400 block of Fones Road. A secure area was entered and multiple tools were stolen from the employee shop. The suspect was spotted walking nearby.

Employees arrived in the morning to an alarm sounding and the shop door to the pool open. When opened, the door sounds a quieter alarm for a short time and then turns into a siren. Since the alarm had not gone into siren mode, employees were confident the burglar couldn’t be too far off. The suspect, Leonard Kilmer, was spotted by staff walking in a parking lot and when he noticed the employees, told them he was coming to ask to borrow a pump for his bike. He was told by management to leave.

An officer stopped and contacted Kilmer nearby. He was walking a bike and wearing a blue bag around his neck. Kilmer had an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant and a search incident to arrest found a tool bag inside the blue bag he was carrying. The tool bag contained three electric drills and drill bits. Kilmer claimed he found the tool bag on the road. When questioned by the officer as to why he was walking around with the empty blue bag, he said it was to carry any items he found while dumpster diving. Employees confirmed the tool bag and drills belonged to them. Kilmer denied entering the shop or taking any property from the apartments.

As officers investigated the scene, they found a camping chair next to a chain link fence surrounding the apartment’s pool that someone appeared to use to scale the fence. The chair had a large shoe print on it that matched Kilmer’s shoe size. A backpack and lunch box were located near the fence. They contained a bike pump and helmet, clothing, sunglasses and personal hygiene items. Employees confirmed the bag and box were not on the property the day prior. The items were taken into evidence.

Officers discovered clothing strewn about a park on the property and recovered a bike that was taken out of a resident’s storage shed. The clothing was confirmed to be a bag of clothing to be donated that was removed from a resident’s porch. Officers discovered deep footprints on either side of a fence that surrounded the park. Nearby the prints, officers recovered an Acura Integra that was stolen last week.

Kilmer was arrested for his outstanding warrant and for Burglary in the Second Degree.

Naked Man Outside Hands on Museum

Tuesday, March 3rd

Around 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, officers were dispatched to a disturbance near the Hands On Children’s Museum in downtown. 911 callers reported a male standing across the street from the Children’s’ center screaming at people and cars in the area, throwing rocks and pretending to shoot at cars with his fingers as they passed by. 

As the responding officer drove into the area, directly across from the Children’s’ center, the officer saw the suspicious man suddenly pull off his shirt, drop his pants and underwear to his ankles, and begin dancing in a circles. The officer later wrote in his report, “He was completely naked except for the clothing around his ankles, which did not provide any coverage.” As the naked man swung around in circles, using something other than his hands and fingers to pretend to shoot at passing vehicles, he looked up and saw the police car approaching. He quickly hoisted up his pants and attempted to act as if everything was normal when the officer contacted him. He was arrested for Lewd Conduct.

During the booking process at the City Jail, the officer and corrections staff soon realized the man was suffering from either a drug induced intoxication or a mental health issue. A counselor was called to the Jail to evaluate him and he was eventually transported to a local clinic for further medical evaluations and possible mental health services. 

Hit-and-Run Suspect Tracked, Arrested

Saturday, February 28th

The morning of February 28, 2015, officers arrested a man suspected of causing an accident and fleeing the scene. A man and woman in an SUV were struck on the passenger side of their vehicle by an orange Honda Element. The driver of the Honda fled on foot towards nearby neighborhoods.

A witness had followed the Honda from Black Bear Diner where she thought he may have struck a vehicle and was leaving the scene. She followed him onto HWY 101 toward Shelton until he exited at the Evergreen Parkway/Mud Bay Road exit, where he proceeded to hit the SUV. The driver of the SUV and the witness both saw a Hispanic man exit the Honda and run from the scene.
Shortly after the accident, 911 received a call from another witness in a nearby neighborhood reporting that a man named Levi had just banged on his door and asked to use his phone. The physical description matched the suspect, who claimed his girlfriend dropped him off at Hwy 101 and he needed to call a friend for a ride. The witness allowed the suspect to use his phone, and when no one answered, the suspect left the house.

Thurston County Sheriffs' K9 assisted with a track and located the suspect attempting to hide in a wooded area, lying face up in the brush. The victims and witness of the accident confirmed the man located by K9 was the man they saw exit the Honda.

The suspect repeatedly gave officers and the fire department a false name and birthday, refusing to give his correct information until he was booked at the jail. He eventually identified himself as Levi Acosta and was booked for Hit and Run, Obstructing, and Driving without a Driver’s License. Charges were also referred for Refusing to Provide Information or Cooperate with Law Enforcement Officer.

Disturbance at Artesian Commons Park

Wednesday, February 25th

On February 25, 2015, officers were dispatched to the Artesian Commons Park for a physical disturbance. As three males had approached the Well, they were confronted by a group of six people. One of the male subjects claimed they were “mobbed” by the group and pushed multiple times by a female among them, so a second male sprayed the female with mace. Members of the larger group claimed no physical contact occurred and that the male sprayed the mace “without warning” after a strictly verbal confrontation.

Officers received multiple accounts of the event from witnesses, but video surveillance confirmed the larger group started a verbal altercation with the males and a female shoved two of the males in the chest. One of the males pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the female in the face. The male then started to walk to the other end of the park when he was verbally confronted by one of the female’s friends, who he subsequently sprayed with mace as well.

No arrests were made at this time. Investigating officers forwarded a report to the Prosecutor’s Office for consideration of charging all involved parties with Fighting in Public.

Don’t Try This at Home

Friday, February 13th

On Friday morning, Olympia Police Officers were dispatched to a west-side apartment complex for reports of a disturbance in progress. 911 callers reported that they could hear a neighbor shouting “call the cops.” Officers quickly arrived at the scene to find the following:

The occupant of an apartment on the west side of Olympia and his son had been out for the morning. When they returned to their apartment, they found the front door broken in and their apartment burglarized. Entering the apartment, they realized the suspect was still inside. Suddenly, the suspect emerged from a back bedroom and tried to run past the victims. The suspect told the victims “I’m sorry, I made a mistake and I’ll get your stuff back.” The father and son tackled the suspect and a short altercation ensued. Eventually, the father and son duo were able to subdue the suspect and shout for neighbors to call 911.

Officers found the apartment ransacked by the burglar. Drawers had been emptied on the floor, contents of cupboards had been thrown to the ground, and closets had been emptied. They found stacks of electronic equipment and other property from the victims’ apartment in a nearby apartment complex laundry room. Officers also found the suspect sitting in the middle of the ransacked apartment. His legs were tied-up with a sweater and shoe lace and his hands were tied behind his back. The father and son explained to officers that during the altercation, they used the suspect’s shoe laces and a sweater to stop the suspect from fighting them and hold on to him until police arrived. The suspect looked at the officers and said, “Man I screwed up.” Neither father nor son sustained any injuries. The suspect sustained a cut to his elbow. Booked into Thurston County Jail for the crime of residential burglary was 37 year old Tyrone Porter.

Although this incident turned out ok, we do not recommend such confrontations. If you find that your residence has been burglarized, don’t go inside. Use a cell phone or neighbor’s phone to call 911. Our officers will come investigate the burglary and check the residence and property for your safety. If you are confronted by a burglar in your residence, leave the home as fast as you can, get somewhere safe and call 911. 

Fleeing Theft Suspect Stopped by Locked Bathroom

February 5

On February 5th around 10:30 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Capital Mall parking lot for reports of two females and a male walking through the parking lots peering into parked vehicles and testing door handles. Police officers arrived on scene to find two of the people sitting in a Dodge Avenger passenger car in the parking lot. As the police officers pulled up behind the Dodge, a female jumped out of the driver’s side and a male jumped out of the passenger side. The female hustled off toward the Mall, ignoring the officers’ repeated orders to stop. The male complied with the officers at the scene. One officer followed the female into the Mall where he found her trying to force her way into a locked bathroom. The officer contacted the female and escorted her back to the vehicle she had jumped out of. The third person was found a short distance away trying to get into a Ford truck. 

During the ensuing investigation, the three people admitted to knowing each other and having planned to meet at the Mall. The male and one female had arrived at the Mall in the truck to meet the other female in the Dodge. Officers noticed that the license plates on Dodge did not belong to it. Checking the VIN number of the vehicle, they discovered that the Dodge was a reported stolen vehicle from Thurston County. The investigating officers also recognized this car and the switched license plates as matching the description of a suspect vehicle that was recently associated with passing fake checks to other businesses on the west side of Olympia. Officers found fake checks inside of the driver’s purse. And, lying on the front seat of the Dodge, officers saw a stolen credit card. The truck noted above turned out to have both door locks punched out. None of the three people were the registered owner, they didn’t know the name of the owner, or how to contact the registered owner. 

One female was arrested for possession of the stolen Dodge as well as the forged checks. The other female had a warrant for her arrest for…theft. The male had a warrant for his arrest for…narcotics. All three were booked into jail. Both vehicles were impounded for eventual search warrants as officers suspect that other stolen property will be discovered inside of both and no one is sure who the Ford truck belongs to. 

Serial Bank Robber Arrested

January 20

The Olympia Police Department responded to and investigated two armed robberies that occurred on September 20, 2014. The first occurred at Taco Bell and the second at Bank of America, both located on the Westside of Olympia. Since that date, 14 similar robberies have taken place throughout the Puget Sound Area. Olympia, Lacey, Thurston County, Puyallup, Tacoma, Spanaway, Pierce County and Kent jurisdictions all had armed robberies committed by a subject with similar physical descriptions and behavior patterns. During all but one of the robberies, the suspect displayed a handgun, wore a mask and had a hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head.

On November 4, 2014, during a robbery at a Thurston County Pizza Time, the suspect fired his weapon during a struggle with an employee. The suspect continued to rob primarily Pizza Time businesses until late November 2014. On November 26, 2014, the Umpqua Bank located on the Westside of Olympia was held up at gunpoint by a lone gunman matching the prior robberies. Since the robbery on November 26th, the suspect committed five additional armed bank robberies.

Beginning in early October, Detectives and Analysts from Olympia Police Department, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Puyallup Police Department, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, Kent Police Department, and the FBI began working together to develop possible leads on this crime series. A series of surveillance details began at regional banks. On January 10, 2015, during a surveillance detail at one of Olympia’s Westside Banks, Detective Bryan Houser and Officer Jason Watkins from the Olympia Police Department noted a suspicious vehicle and were able to capture a license plate on a grey sedan that was slowly rolling through the parking lot. Officers lost sight of the vehicle in heavy Westside traffic. About 30 minutes after losing sight of the vehicle, Columbia Bank located in the Lacey area was robbed at gunpoint.

The license plate associated with the suspicious sedan was a switched plate that was not currently registered to another vehicle. Olympia Detectives began working leads on the license plate with assistance from other law enforcement agencies that now also included Lacey Police Department, Tumwater Police Department and the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force. Detectives determined the cancelled license plate was traded-in and resold at the Olympia Auto Mall. A similar vehicle that matched the description of the suspect vehicle at the bank was spotted on the Westside of Olympia a short time later. Olympia Detectives and multiple other law enforcement agencies continued surveillance at local banks, as well as on the dark grey sedan.

On January 20, 2015, Detectives followed the dark grey sedan to a residence in the Shelton, WA area. The driver of that vehicle remained at the residence for a brief period of time, then left, heading back to the Olympia Area. Detectives noted the vehicle had switched license plates from the time the driver pulled into the garage for the trip back to the Olympia Area. Detectives continued to follow the subject to the Westside of Olympia where the driver began driving around local banks. Just prior to closing hours at the Olympia Federal Bank on the Westside of Olympia, the occupant of the vehicle parked away from the bank in the same area that a police K-9 tracked to during a December 26th robbery at the same bank. Detectives who were already in place observed the subject exit his vehicle and begin walking toward the front door of the bank. The subject was observed wearing similar items worn in previous robberies. Detectives were able to take the subject into custody and prevent the bank from being robbed without an escalation of force, despite the subject being armed at the time of the encounter.

Arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail for eight counts of Robbery in the First Degree was Eric M. Collier, 35 year-old white male who resides in the Shelton, WA area.

Residential Burglar Caught

January 15

On January 15, 2015, Officers were dispatched to a residential burglary in the 1700 block of Eskridge that had just occurred. During the ensuing investigation, officers learned the following:

The homeowner explained she was upstairs in her house when her dog began barking. Like most dog owners, she recognized the tone and frequency of the barking as odd, so she walked downstairs to see what was wrong. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she felt a cool draft about the rooms and found the kitchen door wide open. Peeking out of her window, she also saw her garage door open. Neither door was left open, and with her dog still barking, she quickly called 911 to report the suspicious circumstances. That call started police officers to her location. Once she hung-up from speaking with police dispatchers, she called to tell her neighbor about the incident. Her neighbor peeked over at her house and saw a man tucked into a corner of the victim’s house by the open doors, looking around nervously. The homeowner called 911 again to update the incoming police officers about the person on her property. The neighbor moved to a place to get a better look at the suspect. The suspect quickly put a backpack on, hopped on his bike and began peddling away. As he peddled away, the victim got a good look at him too. 

Police Officers arrived in the area quickly and found the suspect on his bike a few blocks away. Upon contacting the suspect, he swore to the officers they had the wrong person. He explained he was just casually strolling through the area after an appointment with his Probation Officer (yep…he was on probation for the crime of burglary). Once the neighbor and victim identified him as the suspect, he changed his story. Also, inside of his backpack, officers found a pair of black gloves, a change of dark and camouflaged clothing, and bolt cutters. With all this at hand, the suspect admitted that he was casing the house for a burglary. But, he tried to explain to the officers, it wasn’t the barking dog, or his realization that someone was in the house, or the fact that the neighbor had seen him that stopped him from stealing anything. The suspect said he had just decided that he “wanted to do the right thing and walk away.” And, he went on, if we let him go, he would help us arrest big drug dealers in the south sound. 

Booked into Thurston County Jail for the crime of Attempted Residential Burglary was 41-year-old Brandon L. Colvin. 

In the last month we’ve had other residential and commercial burglaries in the Southeast area of town near this crime. If you recognize this person as someone you’ve seen prowling those areas…please call us.