Olympia City Jail

Current List of Inmates

This list is updated once daily, during regular business hours. Please contact the Olympia City Jail directly at 360-753-8417 for updated jail roster information.

The State of Washington offers a notification service to allow victims and concerned citizens to track the custody status of offenders in county and city jails and in the Department of Corrections.  For more information, please visit the Victim Information and Notification site.      

  1. Ayuso, Peggy E
  2. Carpenter, Samantha J
  3. Cummings, Corina R
  4. Foster, Jessica Nicole
  5. Gladue, John R
  6. Husk, Bryan P
  7. Irwin, Corey Gene
  8. Ladd, Vernon Wayne II
  9. Lowe, Gary E
  10. McCrackin, Calvin Miles
  11. Mishlove, Lawrence A
  12. Moore, Sage Hunter
  13. Peltola, Casey D
  14. Sierleja, Matthew P
  15. Slifer, Michael Matthew Jr
  16. Stoddard, Caleb J
  17. Thomas, Nathan Blake
  18. Wagner, Derric N
  19. Whitcomb, Darryl L

Olympia City Jail inmates being housed at the Lewis County Jail Facility                    

  1. Bliss, Richard L
  2. Crepeau, Aaron C
  3. Derosa, Richard E
  4. Dunlap, Dennis J
  5. Edwards, Patrick B
  6. Garrett, Ethan Thomas
  7. Gill, Christopher B
  8. Johnson, Michael J
  9. Mitchell, Tyler M
  10. Northcraft, Augustus P B
  11. Patrick, Carl
  12. Roisum, John O
  13. Shevchuc, Sergey Michael
  14. Vida, Aldrich K

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Olympia City Jail
C/O Inmate Name
PO Box 7301
Olympia WA 98507-7301

All mail must have a return address. All mail is processed through a central mail room and all non-legal mail is subject to inspection, which may delay delivery. No property will be accepted through the mail.

Outgoing Calls

The Inmate Telephone Service at the Olympia Police Department City Jail is contracted with Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc. for all outgoing telephone calls. No incoming calls are allowed and all calls are subject to monitoring and recording. The system offers two types of calling programs: Collect and Pre-Paid.

For questions regarding charges on your home or office phone bill, please call NCIC Operator Services at 1-800-382-2887.

To set-up a pre-paid telephone account with your credit card, please call NCIC Operator Services at 1-800-943-2189.

Visiting Information 

  • Visitors MUST have a valid ID
  • Visitors are on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Minors must be escorted by an adult
  • No weapons
  • No food
  • No gifts
  • Prescriptions deliveries allowed; MUST be current
  • Attorneys and members of the clergy may visit at any reasonable time and may use a private room or area instead of the visiting room, if available
  • No tobacco products of any type are allowed in the Olympia City Jail
  • Inmates are not permitted to smoke in the facility
  • Any visitors who bring, or attempted to bring any item of contraband into the facility will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
  • There is NO Commissary at the City of Olympia Jail
  • Money will not be accepted for any purpose other than Bail

Determined by the first letter of inmate's LAST name.



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