Chief's Message

The City of Olympia Police Department (OPD) provides professional, innovative, and progressive criminal justice services to the Olympia community. OPD strives to create opportunities for outreach in the community. In 2019, OPD engaged with over 300 community groups, from neighborhood associations to local shelters. Staff at every level of the Department work towards building relationships with the public, attending events, meetings, and celebrations of all kinds. In addition, quality one-on-one interactions continue to further the Department’s mission of building public trust.

I am extremely proud of the people who work for OPD. OPD staff are highly skilled and competent professionals who consistently display kindness, empathy, and respect as they deliver quality service to our community. Our community expects us to provide answers and solutions to complex problems that impact the overall quality of life for all who live, visit and work in Olympia. OPD staff consistently develop and implement creative solutions to these problems. Recent examples of this are corrections staff working with community court, service providers, and the community to ensure inmates being released from jail have the best opportunity to succeed. Our staff work hand in hand with our in-house Peer Navigators, CRU Team members, and other service providers to serve the most vulnerable people in our community. They consistently work to find ways to say yes we can help, rather than explain why we can’t. Our officers are very good at investigating and solving crimes, and putting people in jail who victimize others. They face real dangers and enormous challenges in keeping themselves and the public they serve safe. I truly appreciate their hard work, compassionate care, and resiliency.

We are in the human business. Displaying values such as respect for all people, recognition of the dignity of each individual we encounter, and being open and transparent in the way we do business will create trust and generate respect and support for our organization.

I am proud to lead a purpose driven organization with many courageous people.

- Chief Ronnie Roberts