Olympia's Traffic Box Wraps

What Are Traffic Box Wraps?

Traffic Wrap mockupTraffic control boxes are the large metal boxes that control traffic signals - they are also prime targets for graffiti. We are covering 20 of these boxes with artistic wraps that will not only beautify our City but will greatly reduce the amount of graffiti on the boxes and the maintenance hours required to clean them.

Local artists submitted 131 designs that were voted on by the public online on the City's Facebook page and in-person at The Olympia Center. Over 25,000 votes were cast and the top 10 for both the Westside and Downtown are being fabricated in heavy-duty vinyl and will be installed later this Fall.

In addition to the artwork, our downtown traffic box wraps will feature pedestrian wayfinding maps on one side.

Westside Winning Wrap Designs

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Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Dave Sanders

Title: Seasonal Reflections

Original Medium: Digital Illustration

Location: Cooper Point Rd & Carraige Dr

Inspiration for this design is drawn from a whimsical perspective of a day passing from morning until evening and in the final analysis, it is people that give energy and direction to the unfolding of each moment. As an artist, I am constantly exploring the line between fantasy and reality. Combining elements that alone would not seem compatible, yet with the twist of my mind, they somehow function together. My desire is to make you smile first and think second.

Contact: drawdaddio.com

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Jennifer Kuhns

Title: Harvest

Original Medium: Mosaic

Location: Division St & Harrison Ave

My specialty is stained glass mosaic, with emphasis on use of reclaimed materials.  I collect stained glass scraps from leaded and fused glass artists, and tiles are scavenged from contractors, tile setters, and salvage yards.  The bases for my fine art panels are leftover tile boards, cupboard doors, and old windows.

I am deeply interested in folk art, particularly that of my Baltic heritage, as well as my husband’s Mexican heritage.  I am amazed by how similar the traditional artwork is from each of our backgrounds, and I find that it is inspired by the same themes of interconnection between humans and nature, and cycles of life and death.  Often, I am overwhelmed by horrific news stories involving genocide, poverty, endangerment of species, natural disasters, climate change…and I feel compelled to create something cheerful and beautiful as a kind of catharsis.  I hope my work brings joy and solace to viewers as well.

To my great surprise and delight, mosaic is my official job.  My days are spent in a studio 30 miles West of Olympia on 5.3 acres nestled between the Black Hills.  Pursuing a career as an artist has allowed me to be available for my daughter, grow my own food, and care for a menagerie of animals (chickens, goats, ducks, dogs, cats and ferrets, a snake.)  I appreciate the versatility of mosaic, as I’ve been able to generate income through architectural commissions in homes and businesses, public art, and exhibits, along with some gallery sales.  I usually have three very different projects in progress at any one time, which prevents me from getting bored.

My connection to other artists has been essential to my own work.  Over the years, I have consulted and collaborated with fellow artists working in a variety of mediums, and the advice, critique, camaraderie, brainstorming, and networking has helped me to develop my work and to keep from being a hermit working in complete isolation. In 2009, I joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists and began attending the annual American Mosaic Summit. Through these events and participation in other online mosaic forums, my technique and understanding of this ancient, yet utterly contemporary medium has grown exponentially.  Even as I am grasping the more nuanced aspects of skillful mosaic, I recognize how much there is to learn.  I look forward to mastering use of hue and value to create a sense of depth and dimension, as well as becoming adept at creating 3-dimensional substrates for large-scale sculptural mosaic.  Most importantly, I am working to hone my personal style, and finding the best avenues to share my work with the public.

Contact: jkmosaic.com

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Mary Wojnar

Title: Spiral Galaxy

Original Medium: Painting

Location: Harrison Ave & Yauger Way

My entry was based off of a design of a spiral galaxy in outer space. I’ve have experience before painting similar galaxy designs on shoes and phone cases I’ve painted for friends. This design fits well as a pattern, because though in some terms it’s simple, its colors are so complex, and it has the ability to stretch across different canvases.

My work is primarily focused around paint and ink-based medias. I am self taught artist with strengths in acrylic media, and have experience with design programs such as Photoshop and InDesign. Throughout high school I have been recognized for my artistic ability receiving best in show for numerous art shows, and winning the yearly class mural competition. I have created paintings for friends and family of numerous subjects, my most recent piece was of my sister's dogs. I have the ability to recreate an image onto a canvas in my own unique design, and by mentally visualizing an idea can expand off of given ideas toward a project.

I hope to pursue a career after college that incorporates what I love doing through my art, and hopefully inspire others with what I create.

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Jane Wingfield

Title: Capitol Rhodys

Original Medium: Watercolor Sketch

Location: Harrison Ave & Perry St

Utility boxes with personality. I love the idea. Being a long-time resident of the Olympia community I wanted to respond to the call with something that represents the community and its place in the state. I chose the Capitol dome nested in spring rhododendrons—both emblematic of our place.

I considered a more graphic style, but decided to go with my persona – Olysketcher.

Simply put, I love sketching. I’ve worked with oils, watercolors, handmade paper and other mediums over the years, but always a little frustrated with not having enough time to complete major projects. A few years ago my son gave me a small sketchbook with the most scrumptious handmade Italian paper. When I had the opportunity to travel, I took the sketchbook with me; it became my favorite souvenir. The sketches bring me right back to the location where I gathered the wonderful memories.

I discovered Urban Sketchers in 2009 and was immediately committed. Urban sketchers International was started by the Seattle Times sketchjournalist, Gabriel Campanario, aka. The Seattle Sketcher. Hundreds of thousands of sketches have been posted on the international blogs, flickr facebook pages from every corner of the earth.

What I love about urban sketching is that I can do art anywhere I am – no need for a studio with expensive materials. I believe that art enriches our lives immensely and I love sharing the experience of opening our eyes to see the world one sketch at a time.

This design was drawn and painted on location at the state Capitol grounds. The day I drew the pink rhododendrons, it was cool and windy, threatening rain at any moment.

Contact: olysketcher.com

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Juliet Frew

Title: Nisqually Alders

Original Medium: Photograph

Location: Harrison Ave & Kenyon St

By questioning the concept of movement within the cityscape, Juliet Frew finds that movement reveals inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own vulnerabilities. Her photos isolate the movements of humans, animals, and/or objects, and by doing so create sequences which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and stillness. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, she formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works. The thought processes, supposedly private, highly subjective and unfiltered in their references to dream worlds, are frequently revealed as assemblages.

Her works feature coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections which make it possible to revise reality and, even better, to complement it. Combining unrelated aspects leads to surprising analogies; by taking daily life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values, she often creates work using creative game tactics, striving against judgment and attachment. Play is a serious matter, however: during the game, different rules apply than in everyday life, and even everyday objects undergo transformation.

Further, her works are based on inspiring situations: visions that reflect a sensation of possibilities beyond possibilities, and serene contemplation, combined with subtle eccentric details and elements of the cognitive and human experience.

Contact: julietavocado.com

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Robyn Chance

Title: A Tender Moment

Original Medium: Open Acrylic Painting

Location: Black Lake Blvd at Capital Mall Entrance

I enjoy creating art that feels emotionally meaningful. This image captures a moment that few of us ever get to see, and it is indeed tender. I believe it is important to help convey the idea that all creatures are capable of experiencing a variety of emotions. With this painting, a story begins for me, and I hope one begins for the viewer too. When creating a piece of art, I seek to give myself, and as an extension, the viewer, an opportunity to see the world differently. As Nikki Ducornet so eloquently stated in her essay, The Muse Always Has Wings, “The beautiful paradox of art is that what is a private journey is released to the world where it enters into the fabric of other lives.”  All of these thoughts are the inspiration behind the creation of “A Tender Moment.”

Contact: chanceart.com

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Tai Hicks

Title: Aberrant Orchard

Original Medium: Acrylic Painting

Location: Cooper Point Rd & Evergreen Park Dr

I am an Olympia based self-taught artist and member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Over the years, my work has blossomed into something between the real and surreal with a focus on honey bees, dreams, and the cosmos. I have explored many mediums and have found that I am best able to realize my visions through painting. My inspiration is drawn from many wells, including science fiction, fantasy, nature, and dreams.

Contact: spaceandlightart.com/taihicks/

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Yelizaveta Bakhtina

Title: Forest Ground

Original Medium: Oil on Canvas

Location: Cooper Point Rd at Mall Loop Dr

I am very happy to contribute to the beautification of our Olympia. I have lived in this town for 5 years and love its community resources, cultures, traditions and peaceful atmosphere. I love to share a part of my own culture with the community and bring artwork inspired by my Russian heritage to Olympia’s streets.

This painting is inspired by my childhood, growing up in the old city of St. Petersburg and in the deep forests of the Russian countryside. As a scientific illustrator, I have a fascination for the natural world and love studying and painting flora and fauna. I find a lot of similarity in climate between St. Petersburg and Olympia, which was my inspiration.  I feel like I can find my favorite animals and this forest floor in any place I feel home.

Contact: facebook.com/vetabakhtina

Westside Traffic Wrap Design - ThumbnailArtist: Carrie O'Neill

Title: Swim

Original Medium: Watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper

Location: Black Lake Blvd & Capital Mall Dr

Carrie O’Neill is a children’s book writer and illustrator living in Olympia.  In 2014 she helped establish the Olympia Knitting Mills Artist Collective with five other women.  The collective's suite of studios and gallery are above the Fish Brewing Company, where they host art shows, classes and musical events. Carrie has been a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators since 2012.  In addition to children’s book illustration, Carrie does commercial illustration, portrait commissions, and teaches art classes to kids.

This image was inspired by my experience of spending time at Olympia's YMCA, and watching my children learn to swim.  I think it would be a nice addition to the city landscape because of the rich colors I used, and because of the transportive effect that an image of bodies in water could have for drivers and pedestrians.

Contact: carrieoneill.com

Traffic Wrap DesignArtist: Nikki McClure

Title: Inhabit

Original Medium: Papercut

Location: Cooper Point Rd & Black Lake Blvd

This is the Westside of the past and of the future. It is an image that will transport one in time and reduce speed to that of walking on a hot summer day through a field of tall grass into cool forest shade.

Contact: nikkimcclure.com