Percival Landing Boat Moorage

COVID-19 Impacts

  • In person or phone payment for moorage can be made M-F, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM at The Olympia Center or 360.753.8380. Payment may be made after hours at the drop box at the "Welcome Boaters" sign between the north and south gangways on "E" Dock.

Percival Landing Boardwalk: Olympia, Washington 

Registration Information

  • Moorage is on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to City events or approved reservations.
  • Maximum Stay 7 Days in a 30 Day Period.
  • Fee chart provided at registration location. No charge for daytime stays of 4 hours or less.
  • Upon arrival, please register for moorage at The Olympia Center, the large building to the east of "E" Dock.
  • Olympia Center Hours: Monday- Friday: 8am-7:30pm; Saturday: 9am-4pm; Sundays and holidays: Closed.
  • After-hours arrivals please register at the Olympia Center on the following day.
  • Sunday and Holiday Moorage: Register at the "Welcome Boaters" sign between the north and south gangways on "E" Dock.
  • Group reservations are available October 1 - March 31.  Please contact Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation at 360-753-8380 for more information or submit a request online.  

Fee Chart

Location Base Fee (20 ft. & under) Additional foot Notes
"D" Dock  $10.00  40 cents  No power or water hookup available
"E" Dock  $16.00  80 cents

 Power and water hookup available

State and Local Boating Regulations for Budd Inlet and Percival Landing

The Olympia Harbor Patrol enforces rules and regulations in waterways within City limits.

  • Boaters shall comply with the wake zones and speed limits.
  • All boats must have Coast Guard approved life jackets readily available to each person on board and worn by persons under age 12.
  • It is unlawful for any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol to operate a boat.
  • No persons shall moor a boat overnight at the Percival Landing facility unless that person immediately registers and pays the fee established.
  • In consideration of the City of Olympia's renting moorage for your boat, you hereby waive any and all claims for damages against the City of Olympia, its employees and City Council that you or your family or guest on your boat now have or might hereafter have, by reason of injury sustained by you or in connection with use of said moorage, including use of docks, piers, shore facilities or damage to your boat by fire or the elements and/or its content, while moored at Percival Landing Park.
  • All boats with a holding tank (MSD III) should use the pump-out stations located at Percival Landing or at Swantown Marina.
  • Discharge of oily or dirty bilge water is illegal.
  • Disposal of used oil, antifreeze, paint solvents, varnishes or batteries into the garbage is illegal.
  • No person shall conduct major work or outfitting, painting, sandblasting or welding on boats at Percival Landing.

We hope your boating excursion to Olympia will be a safe and enjoyable one. Thank you for making our waters safer for everyone.