Margaret McKenny Park

Madison Scenic


4.16 Acres


3111 21st Avenue SE

Park Features

  • Playground
  • Picnic Tables
  • Swing Set
  • Basketball
  • Short Crushed-Rock Trail Loop

Park Accessibility

A barrier-free compacted, crushed rock trail loops the park.

Park History

This parcel was purchased by the City of Olympia in 1999. It was purchased to be a future neighborhood park. An Interim Use and Management Plan was implemented in 2008.

The Park was officially named Margaret McKenny Park on January 13, 2009. Margaret McKenny was an Olympia resident who helped lead the effort to save Watershed Park from private development in 1955. She was the founder of "Citizens for the Future" who circulated a petition to save Watershed Park and ultimately took their case to the State Supreme Court. Ms. McKenny was an accomplished naturalist who published many notable field guides for wild mushrooms, wildflowers and birds.

Park Improvements

In April 2017, Olympia residents selected a new playground design to be installed at Margaret McKenny Park. Thank you to those who participated in the online survey. We had 915 responses! Construction on the new playground began in summer 2018 and was completed in early fall. 


Playground Highlights

  • This custom design provides children of all ages and abilities the magical world of exploration and imaginative play with movement that focuses on safety.

  • In this colorful design, you will find fitness-based equipment that gets kids moving like never before. This design offers opportunities to build cognitive skills from a variety of play events such as climbing, spinning, sliding and more.

  • The playground encompasses physical, emotional and social play experiences; education and play wrapped into one adventure structure.

  • Educational and custom play panels feature historical information and images that promote learning.

  • Playful furniture is seamlessly integrated into the play area, combining form and function by creating seating and tabletop surfaces to be utilized by children and caregivers alike.