Interim Improvements on Isthmus

Presentation of Final Concept Drawings - City Council Meeting, May 16, 2017, 7 p.m.

City Council will review the public comments received and the final concept drawings at their May 16 meeting. 

About the Project

Aerial view of Isthmus propertiesThe Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation Department would like your feedback on proposed interim improvements to the footprint areas of the former County Health and Thurston County Housing buildings on the Isthmus.

In 2016, the City demolished the building structures, but the foundations still remain. The proposed project will remove the foundations and restore the area in a way that allows for public access and enjoyment.

The Olympia City Council has set five parameters for the interim improvements:

1. The project will focus on the foundation areas of the two former buildings on the Isthmus.
2. The project will be an interim use until a master plan is developed.
3. The project will try to allow for reuse of as many of the improvements as possible.
4. The public will have an opportunity to provide input.
5. The project budget is $500,000.

Concept Designs

At the public meeting on April 19, 2017, these four concept designs were presented. At the May 16, 2017 Council meeting, City Council will review the public comments received and final concept drawings.

Interim Isthmus Powerpoint Presentation (1.4MB PDF) 

Concept A (2MB PDF)

Concept B (2.5MB PDF)

Concept C (2.5MB PDF)

Concept D (2.5MB PDF)

Full Public Engagement Process Coming in 2018

In 2018, the City will launch a broader public engagement process about the long-term vision for the City-owned property on the Isthmus.


Contact Laura Keehan, Parks Planning & Design Manager, 360.570.5855,