Park Stewardship

Education and Restoration

Park Ranger SylvanaThe Park Stewardship Program is designed to connect individuals with nature through volunteering, safe and healthy parks, and education. 

The program is run by the City Park Ranger, who works in cooperation with the Olympia Police Department to patrol the City of Olympia Parks and educate the public about park code in order to make our parks safe and healthy for the community.

Contact Olympia Park Ranger, Sylvana Niehuser at 360.753.8365 or

Environmental Education

Come learn about the natural environment in an 'outdoor classroom' at one of Olympia's parks, home to a wide variety of natural and cultural resources.

Call 360.753.8380 or visit to register!

Arbor Day Celebration - Ages 14 and up, Saturday, April 16 2016, 9:00am-4:00pm

The City of Olympia is hosting an Arbor Day celebration that the whole community will love. Come join a free workshop and plant a tree or sign up for an extremely rare opportunity to ascend one of the "giants" in Priest Point Park. 

Workshops - FreeCanopy Climb 2015 Ira

The workshops are designed to teach participants techniques and skills in a hands on and fun environment about planting, pruning, habitat and much more! Space is limited so register today for this unique opportunity! To register or for more information visit or call 360.753.8365.

Tree Canopy Adventure Tour - New Price! Only $99 per person

Imagine hanging out touching the upper most canopy of a giant Douglas Fir tree at Priest Point Park! Sign up for an extremely rare opportunity that so few people have experienced and ascend to over 100 feet into historic old growth trees. Enjoy an exceptional experience with nature while exploring the treetop environment, learning about the forest ecosystem and wildlife. Participants will be accompanied and guided by certified arborists from Expedition Old Growth, LLC and City technical staff. Space is limited so register today for this unique opportunity! No climbing experience needed. Some restrictions may apply. To register or for more information visit or call 360.753.8365.

If you are an educator who is looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the "outdoor classroom" please contact Park Ranger, Sylvana Niehuser at 360.753.8365 or by email. With 40 different parks, trails and open spaces in Olympia, many located within walking distance to nearby schools, we can help you find the best park that fits your needs.

Local schools and the parks that are nearby:

  • Centennial Elementary and McKenny Elementary - LBA
  • Garfield Elementary - Woodruff, Garfield Nature Trail and Sunrise Park
  • Hansen Elementary - Grass Lake Nature Park, Cooper Crest Open Space and Burri Park
  • LP Brown Elementary - Burri Park
  • Lincoln Elementary - Stevens Field
  • Madison Elementary - Madison Scenic Park and Lions Park
  • McLane Elementary - Grass Lake Nature Park
  • Pioneer Elementary - Watershed and Trillium Park
  • Roosevelt Elementary - Mission Creek Nature Park
  • Jefferson Middle School - Grass Lake Nature Park, Sunrise Park and Yauger
  • Marshall Middle School - Grass Lake Nature Park, Cooper Crest Open Space and Burri Park
  • Reeves Middle School - Priest Point Park
  • Washington Middle School - LBA and Watershed Park
  • Avanti High School - Madison Scenic Park
  • Capital High School - Grass Lake Nature Park, Sunrise Park and Yauger
  • Olympia High School - Watershed and Trillium Park

For individual park information visit the Parks & Trails web page or call 360.753.8365 for assistance.

Junior Ranger Program

Junior Rangers

Hey Kids! Do you want to become a Junior Park Ranger for the City of Olympia? It's Easy!

1. Download and print your Junior Park Ranger Activity Guide or you can pick up a guide at The Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW.

2. Complete the activities in the guide.

3. Come to an Olympia Parks volunteer event or environmental education event (above) and show your completed activity guide to Ranger Sylvana to receive your badge.


Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation has many volunteer opportunities. Whether it's joining a work party to help spruce up a neighborhood park, or helping with a recreation program or camp, you can make a real difference in your community. Learn more on our Parks, Arts & Recreation Volunteering page.