Arts Commission

Sky River Trees by Koryn RolstadThe mission of the Olympia Arts Commission is to help enrich the lives of the people of this region by making visual, performing and literary arts vital elements in the life of our community.

The Olympia Arts Commission works to support local artists through networking, skill development and visibility through opportunities such as the Community Arts Roundtable and Arts Walk.  Through established process, they help to guide the City’s public art program, including outreach and education about the collection through avenues such as weekly summer public art tours.

Information Available

The Olympia Arts Commission is an advisory board, appointed by the Olympia City Council. Members serve three-year terms.


Meetings are open to the public. Second Thursday of every month, 6pm, Olympia City Hall, Executive Conference Room, 601 4th Ave E.  Meeting minutes and agendas can be found HERE.


  • Marygrace Jennings, Chair - Term expires 3/31/16 
  • Stacy Hicks, Vice-Chair - Term expires 3/31/17
  • Susan Aurand- Term expires 3/31/18
  • Diana Fairbanks - Term expires 3/31/17
  • Britta Echtle - Term expires 3/31/18
  • Ron Hinton - Term expires 3/31/16
  • Katie Nelson - Term expires 3/31/16
  • Rick Perry - Term expires 3/31/17
  • Kathy A. Murray - Term expires 3/31/18


Community Events & Outreach

Ron Hinton, Chair

Art in Public Places
Diana Fairbanks, Chair

Staff Liasion

Stephanie Johnson
Arts & Events Program Manager
222 Columbia St. NW
Olympia, WA 98501

How to Participate

A majority of members of the Olympia Arts Commission must reside in the City of Olympia or Olympia's Urban Growth Area.

The City of Olympia will post public notices when positions on City boards and commissions become available. Applications are available by calling City Hall at 360.753.8447. Successful applicants will be interviewed by the City Council, General Government Committee. Based on committee recommendation, the City Council makes all final appointments.

The City of Olympia does not discriminate against individuals with disabilities in City services, programs, or activities. The City  provides reasonable accommodations to the public with disabilities.  We invite you to contact the Parks, Arts and Recreation Department two (2) weeks in advance of the date a program begins or forty-eight (48) hours before Parks, Arts and Recreation meetings to discuss any special accommodations which may be necessary.

Sky River Trees by Koryn Rolstad