Arts, Culture & Heritage (ArCH) Profile Study


The City of Olympia is working to enhance the Olympia community's offerings of and support for programs, activities and events in arts, cultures and heritage (ArCH). The purpose of the ArCH Study is to look at ways to take the City's arts, cultures and heritage programs, events and experiences to the next level.

Our goals are:

  • To refresh and expand Olympia's efforts to deliver creative and effective public programs and support for arts, cultures and heritage, and to reach participants and supporters of arts,cultures and heritage who are increasingly sophisticated, mobile and diverse.
  • To ensure arts, cultures and heritage contribute to the City's comprehensive plan; the Parks, Arts & Recreation Plan, and the Downtown Strategy.
  • To grow and enrich participation of community groups, artists, historians and others in Olympia's arts, cultures, and heritage profile.
  • To establish a broader nationwide reputation for arts, cultures and heritage.
  • To provide analysis, clarify options, and explore mechanisms for strengthening the City's commitments to arts, cultures and heritage.

Resource Committee Meeting #1 - Materials

Additional Supporting Documents

The following is an inventory of City studies, community-driven plans and inspired examples to support ArCH (Arts, Cultures and Heritage) development in Olympia:


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