Olympia's Parking Strategy

What is the Parking Strategy?

Nine hour parking metersThe City is taking a comprehensive approach to parking as part of Olympia's Downtown Strategy. Addressing parking challenges is particularly important as more mixed-use development comes into Downtown, changing the landscape for parking supply and demand.

Throughout this process we will work to understand current parking conditions, obtain public input, collaborate with key stakeholders, and develop parking policy and management strategies that support community goals for economic development, housing, and transportation.

The project will look at many aspects of Olympia’s parking system, including:

  • Parking supply, including on and off-street parking and privately owned parking lots
  • Demand based pricing
  • Shared use of existing privately owned structures
  • Need for a parking structure or structures including siting and financing options
  • Parking requirements for new projects, including fee in-lieu of providing parking
  • Hours and days of enforcement
  • Residential parking program
  • Parking signage and wayfinding
  • Parking technology
  • Changes in transportation and travel modes and their impact on parking demand
  • Availability and accessibility of disabled parking facilities
  • Impacts of converting on-street parking identified in the Downtown Strategy to pedestrian and bicycle uses
  • Parking staffing and management structure

Data and Public Feedback

The City conducted an online survey on parking in Downtown Olympia between January 24th and March 6th of 2017. A total of 2,623 responses were received.

An inventory of on and off-street parking facilities (regardless of ownership/management) was conducted in order to help us better understand current parking conditions in Downtown Olympia.


Contact Debbie Sullivan at 360.753.8494 or parkingservices@ci.olympia.wa.us

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