Parking Improvements

Parking improvements going into effect March 8, 2020

To meet the needs of our growing City and support economic development and access to Downtown, Parking Services is improving its operations in the following areas.

Parking citations to increase

Expired meter and overtime citations will increase to $20 (from $15) and chain violations will increase to $40 (from $30).

Why are we doing this? In order to provide for a growing and technology-focused parking program, the City is overdue for an adjustment in citation fees.

Shortened timeframe for hazardous vehicles and delinquent citations

Hazardous vehicles will now be impounded after three (3) consecutive citations or 24 hours after a meter has been reserved. Fewer unpaid citations over a shorter time frame will result in immobilization or impounding.

Why are we doing this? This opens up access to parking for visitors and business activity sooner. It also saves money for the vehicle owner with less days of possible citation fines and fees.

Updated ADA parking ordinance

Parking is still free for those vehicles with a disabled placard visible, but a 4-hour parking limit at designated meters goes into effect March 8.

Why are we doing this? Maintaining the balance of available parking and accessible parking is important for a vibrant Downtown experience for all residents and visitors. This update also keeps us consistent with State Laws.

Loading Zone updates

New signage designates loading zones as “valid permit only” (permit applications available at City Hall). Vehicles choosing to park in a loading zone without a permit will experience an increased violation fee, and for repeat offenders, the possibility of impounding.

Why are we doing this? Loading zones are important to the movement of products and services efficiently, so by managing access to local business and institutions, we support our growing Downtown’s economy.

Addition of the Barnacle immobilization device

The Barnacle is a new immobilization device that adheres to a vehicle’s windshield with easy removal and convenient online or over the phone payment methods. Learn more at

Why are we doing this? The Barnacle is a convenient new technology, allowing vehicle owners to pay fines online or over the phone any time of day, any day of the week. Instructions are printed on the Barnacle for easy removal and a drop-off location is available outside of City Hall 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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