Parking Services

Parking in Olympia

Friendly parking officerWe use a combination of meters, timed zones and monthly leased parking lots to manage on street parking in and around downtown Olympia.

Where Do I Park?

The City honors valid disabled parking placards and license plates by offering free parking with no time limits at metered and timed spaces in the City, as well as any marked disabled parking stalls.

The fine for parking in or blocking access to a disabled parking stall without a valid and properly displayed placard is $450.

Enforcement Hours

Metered areas, timed zones and City-owned leased parking lots are enforced Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. Parking is FREE weekdays after 5:00pm as well as on weekends and City-recognized holidays.

Free time - all the time! Your first 15 minutes are always FREE at any 2, 3 or 9 Hour meter!

2 Hour Meters: Push any button before inserting payment (meter must be flashing 0.00)

3 or 9 Hour Meters: Push the red or silver button before inserting payment (meter must be flashing 0:00)

Pay your parking ticket one of four convenient ways!Ticket Information

Got a ticket? You can pay your fine online, or one of several other convenient ways. You may also choose to appeal the citation. Only the Olympia Municipal Court Judge has the authority to reduce a fine or dismiss a citation. Learn more...


Residents must register for a Residential Permit to avoid being ticketedResidential Parking

Live here? Most neighborhoods in and near downtown Olympia have timed or metered on-street parking. If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you may register your personal vehicle for parking on the street. Learn more...


Business owner in the Downtown Employee leased lotPermits / Leased Lots

Work here? We offer a variety of permits for those who work, do business or offer services in and around downtown. From day-use construction permits to monthly leased parking for employees, we make it easy for you to get the job done. Learn more...


Parking in a yellow zone is prohibitedRestricted Parking

Be informed, Be ticket-free! In addition to the standard expired meter and overtime tickets, the City writes citations for more serious restricted parking violations. These infractions affect public safety and carry significantly higher fines. Learn more...


Parking meter tokensParking Meter Token Program

A new way to thank your customers! The Parking Meter Token Program provides a means for downtown businesses to offer 1 hour of 'free' parking to their customers by purchasing free parking tokens at a 50% discount. Learn more...



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