Utility Billing Online - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do using the online service?

  • Make Payment: Pay on your account using your credit card. Just click on the 'Make Payment' button once you have accessed your account.
  • View Payment History: See the status of your bill and what your payment history has been for the last 12 months.
  • View Garbage and Recycling Pickup Day: Not sure what days your cart is picked up? Look under the payment history section; it is customized to tell you what day your cart is picked up.
  • View Water Usage: Track your water usage. Just select the consumption option and check out your water usage for the past 14 months.
  • Print Payment coupon: Lost your bill? You can download a payment coupon.  

What do I need to use the online service?

  • Your account number. You must have your account number, which can be found at the top of your utility bill. View this sample bill for its location.
  • Your street numerics (street address). This is the numeric portion of your service address on your utility bill. It is located directly under your account number. Put in only your house number - NOT your complete street address.  View this sample bill for its location.
  • Credit Card. We accept Visa and MasterCard and Discover.
  • Web Browser Settings. You must have JavaScript enabled.

When can I use this online service?

You can now access and pay your utility bill online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long until my payment is posted to my account?

Payments may take up to 1 business day to post to your account.

How come I am getting an error of 'ERROR PROCESSING TRANSACTION'?

If you are using a favorite or bookmark to access the online service, the favorite is including an expired session ID. Since the session ID is expired it causes the application to give you this error.


  1. Navigate our website to get to the Utility Billing online application which will provide you with a new session ID each time.
  2. Edit your favorite to remove the session ID portion of the URL.  (i.e. https://secure1.olympiawa.gov/utilitybilling/(q3ka5qjo5i0hjtvac0kyke2d)/default.aspx)
  3. Use this link to re-launch the application which will provide you with a new session ID.

I still need more information?

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