Neighborhood Programs - Weekly News Updates

We encourage officers and members of neighborhood associations that are registered with the City to check this page for news and information about City programs, services, and activities. If there is any news for the week, it will be posted on Fridays and available for viewing by 6:00 p.m., unless there are technical difficulties with the City's website.  

Organics at the Curb

Organics collection was one of the major strategies outlined in Olympia's Toward Zero Waste Plan adopted by Council in 2007. This program is an enhancement to our existing every-other-week curbside yard waste collection.

Now customers can include food waste and food-soiled paper. This provides Olympia residential customers another opportunity to further reduce their garbage, and keep organic waste out of the landfill. The material we collect will be composted by a local company, Silver Springs Organics.

Neighborhood University

Please join community members and neighborhood leaders to learn and share information about how we can make our great neighborhoods even better! Fall, winter and spring will feature opportunities for your family, friends and neighborhood to get involved in the Comprehensive Plan update. Visit the Action Plan for details! For more information about forming a neighborhood association please email Michelle Sadlier or call 360.753.8314.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Communities throughout the Pacific Northwest are subject to a number of potential natural disasters. While we all hope that such occurrences never happen, it has been shown time and time again that being prepared for disasters is prudent. Proper planning and preparation will help you and your family be more comfortable in the event that your home is damaged. To schedule a training for your neighborhood association, contact 360.709.2719

Host a Block Party

Interested in having a neighborhood block party? We can provide street closure to make it a safe, fun event. Simply fill out this form and return it to Michelle Sadlier, Neighborhoods Program, PO Box 1967, Olympia, WA 98507-1967