Housing & Social Service Funding Program

The City of Olympia provides financial assistance to rehabilitate or to create housing for low- to moderate-income housing through the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. In addition, the City also offers programs to encourage the development of multi-family housing in eligible areas and beautification of neighborhoods. 

CDBG Program

The Federal CDBG program provides funds for the acquisition and rehabilitation of housing for low- to moderate-income households. In addition, the program supports specific economic development and social services activities. Learn more about the CDBG Program.  

CDBG Program News:

Program Year 2013 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
The annual report (CAPER) for the City of Olympia's Community Development Block Grant was submitted to HUD on November 26, 2014. The CAPER reflects implementation of the City's Consolidated Plan through proposed actions identified in the Program Year 2013 one-year action plan.

Program Year 2014 Annual Action Plan
The PY 2014 Action Plan, which runs from September 1, 2014, through August 31, 2015, serves as the blueprint for how Olympia will invest CDBG funds to address high-priority local needs and benefit the community in the second year of the five-year (2013-2017) Consolidated Plan period.  

Other Housing & Social Services Activities:

The City provides some direct funding for homeless services through the Community Investment Partnership and also participates in the Countywide HOME Consortium which provides direct funding for homeless services. The City also works closely with the County Homeless Coordinator, as well as other community stakeholders. 

The City Housing Program also contracts with the County to conduct the annual Point in Time Homeless Census and produces the annual Homeless Census Report that presents information on who is homeless and why, along with a current listing of available homeless and housing resources.

Health & Human Services Funding

Current Social Service Allocations

More information about specific social service programs is available upon request by emailing Anna Schlecht, Housing Program Manager.

Prior Social Service Allocations  

For a review of HSRC allocations for social service programs, please click on the funding year. 

City of Olympia Programs

The City offers a tax-exemption for multi-family housing projects in specific areas. Learn more about the Tax Exemption Program


Find contact information and links to housing assistance offered with the region, by the State of Washington, and by various US departments. Learn more about regional, state, and national programs