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This map shows both City managed and major private construction projects. Click the mapped points for project details including timeframe, impacts, contact information and more.

You may filter the projects you see with the Layers tab at the top of the map.

*Important Information*

  • Not all projects are shown on the map
  • The points on this map represent general locations only
  • Project details may change at any time and may not be reflected on the map
  • Some information may not be available for private projects
  • Contact the Project Manager or listed department for specific details and the most up-to-date information

Featured Projects

Green Cove Park

The City is reviewing a preliminary plat application for the subdivision of 50 acres into 177 single-family lots with associated improvements for streets and utilities. Learn more...

Log Cabin Reservoir

The City is contructing a new standpipe water tank (reservoir) that will provide water storage for fire protection and during emergencies or power outages. The water tank will provide adequate storage for the next 25 years. Learn more...

Downtown Alley Lighting Project

Last summer, the City added energy-efficient LED lighting to seven alleys in downtown Olympia. This summer, Phase 2 of the Downtown Alley Lighting Project will light up 8 more! Learn more...