Kaiser-Harrison Area Plan

Opportunity Areas


On August 23, 2016, the City Council approved the Comprehensive Plan and code amendments to implement the Kaiser Harrison Opportunity Area Plan.  View Ordinance 7032, which includes amended Future Land Use, Zoning, and Design Review Maps, as well as code changes. 


Kaiser Road and Harrison Ave

The Kaiser Harrison Opportunity Area Plan will allow for the development of a mixed use, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. A vibrant and integrated neighborhood that allows for a mix of housing, shopping, office, and recreation opportunities will be developed. The area will have a distinct character with a lifestyle center including public gathering spaces and outdoor seating. This will be accomplished by a combination of:

  • Broader variety of housing types allowed
  • Broader variety of commercial uses allowed
  • Designating pedestrian oriented streets in order to achieve a higher degree of walkability than might otherwise not exist
  • Requiring design review criteria be met
  • Providing for a multi-use trail to connect residential and commercial uses within the area
  • Provide for Neighborhood Park, dependent upon future development by the City

View the Plan: Kaiser Harrison Opportunity Area Plan

Kaiser-Harrison Area Plan Schedule

Public Participation Plan

1. Update Market Analysis (Aug-Oct 2015) Complete

Update market research and analysis from 2013 Investment Strategy report. 

2. Interview Interested Parties (Sep-Oct 2015) Complete

Interview a sample of property owners, neighbors, real estate professionals, and interested citizens.

3. Develop Alternative Scenarios (Nov 2015-Mar 2016) Complete

Based on the results of Tasks 1 and 2, and other available information, develop two to four scenarios of future land uses and transportation for the area.

4. Review Scenarios (Mar-Apr 2016) Complete

Review alternative scenarios, conduct required environmental review of the preferred alternative.

5. Planning Commission (May-June 2016) Complete

Olympia Planning Commission review and recommendation of a preferred alternative.

6. City Council (July 2016) Complete

City Council review and adoption of amendments to comprehensive plan and/or zoning.


Contact Joyce Phillips, Senior Planner with the Community Planning & Development Department at 360.570.3722 or jphillip@ci.olympia.wa.us