Map Your Neighborhood

Helping Neighborhoods Prepare

In a disaster, your most immediate source of help are the neighbors living around you.

Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disaster situations save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma, and reduce property damage. In addition, contributing as an individual and working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improve the quality of life in the community.

The Map Your Neighborhood Program (MYN) can help your neighborhood prepare by teaching you the 9 Steps to take Immediately Following a Disaster and helping to develop a Skills and Equipment Inventory, a Neighborhood Map and a Neighborhood Contact List.

How to Start

  1. Contact Patrick Knouff with the City of Olympia Fire Department: Emergency Management Division at 360.709.2701 or to schedule a 30-45 minute meeting. In that meeting you will preview the Map Your Neighborhood videos and have an opportunity to ask questions.
  2. Review the discussion guide to get a better understanding of how a neighborhood meeting is conducted.
  3. Schedule a neighborhood meeting to go through the videos and materials. Patrick will provide the MYN materials for your neighborhood meeting upon request. The meeting will take approximately 2-3 hours.
  4. Please notify Patrick once your group has completed the training. He is actively evaluating the program and would like to track the number of participating neighborhood groups in the city. In addition, he can direct you to advanced training and volunteering opportunities.


Contact Patrick Knouff at 360.709.2701 or