Sign Zones

Crop of new sign zones map

New Sign Zones

Existing Code

Under the existing code, sign regulations are based on the underlying zoning district.

Proposed Update

Under the new code, sign regulations will be based on four sign zones: Downtown, Auto Mall, Business & Corridor, and Residential (view map). Each area is somewhat distinct from the others and will have differences in which signs are allowed and which standards are appropriate there.

Why are we proposing this change?

The proposed changes should treat areas that are similar to each other in a more similar way than the current sign code does. It should also recognize that the Downtown and Auto Mall areas of the city are different than other areas and should therefore have sign code provisions that address common issues in them.

The code also recognizes that residential areas do have non-residential uses, such as schools, places of worship, neighborhood stores, and public buildings that also have sign needs.


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