Sign Code Update Process

Illustration of a City street with buildings, pedestrians and various sign types

Public Participation

Public participation is an integral part of the Sign Code update process. City staff will receive input from residents, businesses, sign companies and other stakeholders at a variety of points throughout. Materials from each will be added below as they are available.

Policy Advisory Committee

A policy advisory committee (PAC) will focus on the policy direction of the revised sign code update and consist of members of the Planning and Heritage Commissions, the Design Review Board, faith based organizations, automobile retailers, and others (view PAC Members List). This committee will discuss and provide feedback on issues regarding sign types, sizes, and placement.

Public Meetings

There will be multiple public meetings to share progress and accept feedback during the sign code development process. Meeting details will be posted on this web page when they are available.

Planning Commission & Other Advisory Committees

We anticipate bringing a draft Sign Code to the Olympia Planning Commission in the spring of 2018. The Commission will have updates and briefings on the proposal periodically throughout the process. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposal before making a recommendation to City Council.

We may provide briefings or seek feedback from other City of Olympia Advisory Committees, such as the Heritage Commission, for portions of the proposed sign code.

City Council Committees

We will provide periodic briefings to City Council Committees throughout the process.

City Council

The Olympia Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council on the Sign Code Update. The Council may hold an additional public hearing on it but is not required to do so. It is anticipated that Council will make a decision in fall of 2018.


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