New Sign Types

Feather signs at Olympia Auto Mall and Benjamin Moore alley sign

New Sign Types

Existing Code

Under the existing code, many "newer" types of signs, or newer practices in the sign industry, are not addressed. In addition, some of the existing regulations are out of date and should be updated.

Proposed Update

The proposed code will include provisions for sign types not currently covered such as:

  • Feather signs
  • Alley signs
  • Light projection signs

It will also address areas of the code that should be updated such as:

  • Building entrance signs
  • Window signs
  • Signs in the right of way

Why are we proposing this change?

These proposed changes should make it more clear where certain signs are allowed and where they are not, when and how signs can be placed in the right of way, and make it easier to administer and enforce the sign code standards.


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