Permit Status and Inspections


When you are ready for an inspection, you must schedule it in one of two ways:

  • Schedule inspection online - with SiteLine
  • Schedule inspection by phone - 360.753.4444 extension 3001.

    The phone option will be discontinued in September 2014 due to transition to new software system.

Scheduling Requirements

You must have the following items to schedule an inspection online or by phone:

  • Permit Number - located on your permit
  • Permit PIN - located on your permit
  • View a sample permit (PDF) with Permit Number and PIN highlighted
  • Can't find your numbers? Call us at 360.753.8314.

Important Tips

  • Please schedule inspections within the next five (5) business days. This reduces the need for cancellations and keeps inspections on schedule.
  • You can view your scheduled inspections and get status updates on SiteLine.


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