Engineering Design and Development Standards (EDDS)

Designing Olympia's Future

The EDDS are the standards that govern new constructionThe Engineering Design and Development Standards (EDDS) are the technical standards used by the City and private developers to design and construct drinking water, reclaimed water, sewer, transportation, stormwater, and solid waste collection systems. The City has a process for requesting a deviation from these standards. Here is the Deviation form.

The EDDS are updated annually after a public hearing and upon City Council approval. The 2018 EDDS update was adopted by City Council and became effective January 23, 2019. The City's Code Publishing site hosts the current EDDS, as well as previous versions of the EDDS that may apply to some vested private development projects.

2019 EDDS Update

2019 / 2020 EDDS Schedule (As of November 19, 2019)

2019 EDDS Summary of Proposed Changes - TBD

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Don't see a topic you think should be addressed or updated?

Fill out this form to revise or update the EDDS. Submit it to Fran Eide, City Engineer, at The EDDS are reviewed and updated every year starting in January. Your request will be recorded and considered for the next update.


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