Public Disclosure Exemptions

42.56.230 Personal Information
42.56.240 Investigative, law enforcement, and crime victims
42.56.250 Employment and licensing
42.56.260 Real estate appraisals
42.56.270 Financial, commercial, and proprietary information
42.56.280 Preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations, intra-agency memorandums
42.56.290 Agency party to controversy
42.56.330 Public utilities and transportation
42.56.350 Health professionals
42.56.360 Health care
42.56.370 Domestic Violence Program, rape crisis center clients
42.56.420 Security
42.56.460 Fireworks
2.64.113 Confidentiality - violations
4.24.550 Information on sex offenders to public
5.60.060 Privileged communications-Attorney-Client Privilege
5.60.070 Court-ordered mediation records
7.68.140 Victims’ compensation claims
7.69A.030(4) Child victims and witnesses – protection of identity
7.69A.050 Rights of child victims and witnesses – addresses
7.75.050 Records of Dispute Resolution Centers
10.52.100 Records identifying child victim of sexual assault
10.97.040 Criminal history information released must include disposition
10.97.050 Conviction and criminal history information
10.97.060 Deletion of certain criminal history record information, conditions
10.97.070 Disclosure of identity of suspect to victim
10.97.080 Inspection of criminal record by subject
13.50.010 Maintenance of and access to juvenile records
13.60.020 Missing children information
18.04.405 Confidentiality of information gained by CPA
19.34.240(3) Private digital signature keys
19.215.030 Compliance with federal rules
26.44.010 Privacy of reports on child abuse and neglect
26.44.020(19) Unfounded allegations of child abuse or neglect
26.44.030 Reports of child abuse/neglect
26.44.125 Right to review and amend abuse finding – confidentiality
Chapter 40.14 Preservation and destruction of public records
42.23.070(4) Municipal officer disclosure of confidential information prohibited
42.41.030(7) Identity of local government whistleblower
42.41.045 Non-disclosure of protected information (whistleblower)
46.52.080 Traffic accident reports – confidentiality
46.52.083 Traffic accident reports – available to interested parties
46.52.120 Traffic crimes and infractions – confidential use by police and courts
48.62.101 Local government insurance transactions – access to information
51.28.070 Workers’ compensation records
51.36.060 Physician information on injured workers
68.50.105 Autopsy reports
68.50.320 Dental identification records – available to law enforcement agencies
Chapter 70.02 Medical records – access and disclosure – entire chapter (HC providers)
70.05.170 Child mortality reviews by local health departments
70.24.105 HIV/STD records
70.48.100 Jail records and booking photos
72.09.345 Notice to public about sex offenders
72.09.585(3) Disclosure of inmate records to local agencies – confidentiality
74.34.095 Abuse of vulnerable adults - confidentiality of investigations and
82.32.330 Disclosure of tax information
42 USC 405(c)(2)(vii)(l) Limits on Use and Disclosure of Social Security Numbers
45 CFR 160-164 HIPAA Privacy Rule