MPD - Claims for Damages

Use this form to file a claim against the Olympia Metropolitan Park District (MPD) when an incident occurs and an involved party believes the MBD has been negligent in performing its duties.

In order for a municipality to be liable for any damages or injuries, the MPD must have knowledge (or should have had knowledge) that a hazardous situation exists. Further, it must know a hazardous situation exists and not do anything to correct the situation in a timely fashion.

For information, contact the MPD's Claims Manager at 360.753.8451.

Instructions for filing a claim:

1 Complete the Claim for Damages Form.  

2 Include the following supporting documentation for your claim:

  • Estimate(s) or bill(s) for the dollar amount of the claim;
  • Photos of the property damaged or injury received as noted in the claim.
  • Evidence the MPD damaged the property or caused the injury as noted in the claim.
  • Photos of the location where incidents occurred, including any defects alleged to have contributed to the incident, if any.

3Sign the form in the presence of a notary.

4 Mail or bring the completed form into City Hall (location and mailing address on claim form).