State Street Banners - Policy

This policy outlines guidelines for the use and coordination of display on the State Street banner space.


  • Only banners from government or non-profit agencies/groups are eligible.
  • The intent of the banners is to advertise community interest events, particularly events that are free and open to the general public.
  • No advertising of commercial products.
  • Banners may include sponsorship logos placed along the bottom or outside edges of the banner. Sponsorship logos may not consume more than 10% of the overall banner viewing area.
  • Banners advertising political events or activities are not eligible and will not be scheduled.


  • To schedule, submit a completed State Street Banner Application.
  • Banner requests will be considered on a "first come" basis, with banners promoting City of Olympia events, activities, and information having first priority.  
  • You will receive notification regarding your request within 2 weeks of the City’s receipt of your application.
  • Reservations from City of Olympia departments are accepted beginning November 1 for the following calendar year. Reservations from all other agencies and groups are accepted beginning December 1 for the following calendar year.  No multi-year commitments are made. 


Banners shall be up for a maximum time of one (1) week, Monday through Sunday. Banners shall be dropped off at 1401 Eastside St (Maintenance Center Complex) BY 12pm the Friday before installation week and must be picked up at the same location AFTER 12pm the Monday following the banner hanging.

  • Installation and removal of all banners shall be solely handled by the City of Olympia.
  • In the event that a banner becomes a danger to public safety due to banner deterioration, storms, high winds, etc.; the banner may be removed.

Banner Specifications

  • Banners shall be 24 to 30 feet in width (maximum size 30 feet) and 3 ½ feet in height and shall have the approved message on one side of the banner.
  • Banners must be made on a minimum of 18oz or 19oz weighted material. Lighter weights have a tendency to tear easier.
  • Air holes must be placed in the banner, minimum size of air holes should be comparable to the diameter of a three-pound coffee can (six inches in diameter).


Contact Jennifer Lee at 360.570.3762 or