Street Banners

State Avenue Banner

State Avenue BannerThe City of Olympia accepts reservations of its banner space located on State Avenue, between Adams and Franklin streets. This location can be seen by over 12,500 vehicles per day.

Requests are accepted begining December 1st of each year for reservations through the following calendar year. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lee, Community Relations Program Assistant, Olympia City Hall; email:; phone: 360.570.3762.

How to Reserve

  1. Read the State Street Banner Policy
  2. Check availability (below)
  3. Submit a State Street Banner Application
  4. You will receive notification regarding your request within 2 weeks of the City’s receipt of your application.

State Avenue Banner Availability Calendar

This calendar displays weeks in which the State Avenue Banner Space is reserved for an Event's banner, not the actual Event dates. Unless a prior request is pending, empty weeks are open for reservation (beginning December 1st of each year the City will begin accepting reservations for the following year).

Capitol Way Banner Space

For information about the banner space on the walking bridge across Capitol Way at the State Capitol Campus, please contact the Washington State Visitor Center Events Coordinator at 360.902.8881, or visit their website.

Event Banners and Flags on Capitol Way Street Light Poles

The City of Olympia allows non-profit organizations who sponsor outdoor community events on City property to place banners or flags on City street light poles for a limited duration determined by the City and near the time of the event. The event sponsor must be a State of Washington registered non-profit organization and the primary sponsor of the outdoor community event.

  • The event must be permitted by the City to be held outdoors on City property, including City parks and streets (Note: Sylvester and Heritage Parks in downtown Olympia are not City property, they are owned and managed by the State of Washington).
  • The event must be an outdoor community event that is free and open to the general public of all ages and with no admission charge.
  • Advertising to pay for the cost of the banners or event may cover no more than 25% of the overall banner or flag display space.
  • The event sponsor is responsible for safely and securely hanging and taking down the banners/flags.
  • The event sponsor assumes all responsibility for the flags/banners, the hanging of them, and their display; and must provide the City with a certificate of liability insurance naming the City as an additional insured in an amount determined by the City.
  • Use of the banner poles must be coordinated with the Capital Lakefair office who purchased and maintains the poles.
  • The City of Olympia may choose to place banners promoting City programs and services on City street light poles.
  • Scheduling of flag/banner displays will be made in the following priority order:
  1. Six times throughout the year for display of U.S. flags on Capitol Way from the Legislative Building to State Avenue for the following commemorations:  Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. The dates and locations were selected by the American Legion in the early 1990s.
  2. Banners or flags promoting City programs and services.
  3. Lakefair Banners - early July until the week after the annual Capital Lakefair festival and 3rd weekend in July.
  4. Banners or flags promoting outdoor community events permitted to be held on City property (as described in this policy).

To discuss scheduling of banners or flags on Capitol Way street light poles contact Kellie Purce Braseth at 360.753.8361 or