Festivals and Events - Contact Information

Community Event Business License

$50 fee annual fee. We will use your event application for the Community Event Business License application if you include a $50 check with your application form.

Individual vendors must have a UBI number through State of Washington Department of Licensing, and individual vendors are responsible for paying any taxes due the State.

Electrical Service and Permits Permit

If electricity is going to be used at an event on City property, a City of Olympia electrical permit and associated inspections may be needed.  The permit and inspection fee is waived for festival events.

Contact:  Scott Hopp, Electrical Inspector, City of Olympia Community Planning and Development Department, 360.753.8314, to arrange for electrical inspections.

Electric and Gas Service

If you are going to need electrical and gas service for a festival event on a City property, contact Puget Sound Energy to arrange for the service and payment of any associated fees/charges.

Event Permit

Contact: Kellie Purce Braseth, Strategic Communications Director, 360.753.8361, with questions about the application and permit process to use City property for community festival and events.

Fire Inspections/Tent Permit Event

Sponsors must arrange for the Fire Marshal to inspect use of flammable materials (heaters, stoves, etc) at public events.  The permit and inspection fee is waived for festival events. Cooking booths require Fire Marshal inspection and a temporary fire permit.  Tents greater than 200 square feet and canopies greater than 400 square feet require a Fire Marshal inspection and a temporary fire permit.

Contact:  Fire Marshal Rob Bradley, 360.753.8458, to arrange for inspections.  The Fire Marshal’s office is at the Olympia Fire Department Main Headquarters, 100 Eastside Street.

Food Handling Permits/Food Vendor Inspections

If food is going to be served and/or sold, a permit and inspections may be needed for each food booth and/or handler.

Contact: Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Department for a food handler’s permit and information about associated inspections.  Information is available on the Thurston County website at www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehfood/index.html

Garbage/Recycling/Organics (Olympia Waste ReSources)

If food booths are a part of your event or you are expecting a large crowd, arrangements must be made for waste disposal and/or reuse.

Contact: Spencer Orman, City of Olympia Waste ReSources Utility, 360.753.8752 for information about how to: maximize recycling, composting and reuse; minimizing the amount of garbage; register for Waste ReSources services for the event (plus associated scheduling and fees).

Event sponsors must register at least two weeks in advance of the first day of event set up for garbage/recycling services to be provided by the City of Olympia, and must pay as invoiced by the City after the event. The City of Olympia is committed to minimize waste and encourage recycling or composting.  City fees for recycling services may be waived if the event sponsor has filed a recycling plan with their application and made a good faith effort to execute the plan.

Cooking Grease/Oil and Wastewater/Greywater

Food preparation grease/oil and wastewater CANNOT be dumped down City drains.  Event sponsors are responsible for disposing of food preparation grease and wastewater in a responsible manner.

Lakefair and Harbor Days contract with the following firm for cooking grease/oil removal and disposal.  This information is provided as a convenience only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement: Darling International – Tacoma 253.572.3922, Phone, 253.627.7611 FAX, 2041 Marc AvenueTacoma, WA 98421 http://www.darlingii.com/

Liability Insurance

All sponsors of festival events in the City of Olympia must obtain bodily injury and property damages liability insurance in an amount no less than $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, and which names the City of Olympia as an additional insured on the policy.  The certificate of liability insurance must be filed with the City of Olympia Program Specialist, Connie Cobb, no later than ten (10) business day prior to the first date of event set-up.

The Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) manages a Tenant User Special Events Coverage program to provide event sponsors access to low cost liability insurance through WCIA’s broker.  Event sponsors may choose to apply for insurance through the WCIA program, or obtain it from a reputable firm of their choosing.

Contact: For questions about liability insurance requirements, contact Connie Cobb, City of Olympia Risk Management Office, 360. 753.8451. 


Refer to Olympia Municipal Code Chapter 9.16 for Olympia regulation regarding Disorderly Conduct, including Public Noise Disturbance.  The Olympia Municipal Code is available online through the City of Olympia website, www.olympiawa.gov.

Contact: If you have questions about enforcement of public nuisance and other City codes at festival events, contact the Olympia Police Department, 360.753.8300.

Parking Meters/Event Parking

Contact: Mark Lane, Olympia Parking Services, 360.570.3772 if you have questions about on-street parking and City-owned parking lots (except for The Olympia Center lot) and to arrange for use of on-street parking spaces for event activities.

Olympia Parks (including Percival Landing and The Olympia Center)

Tents/Structures: If you wish to place tents or other structures on Percival Landing or the grassy area adjacent to the Percival Landing restroom, you must contact Scott River at The Olympia Center, 360.753.8506, to discuss the arrangements.  (NOTE:  There is an irrigation system installed in the grassy area adjacent to Percival Landing.)

Grounds Cleaning, Picnic Tables:  Contact Scott River, Recreation Manager, 360.753.8506, to discuss availability of tables and other park supplies for the event; and to arrange for Parks staff to assist with event clean-up.  NOTE:  event sponsor is responsible for paying the City the cost of Park staff services for event clean-up, as invoiced by the City after the event.)

Olympia Police Explorers

Contact: Amy Stull, Olympia Police Community Relations 360.753.8049, to arrange for event assistance by Olympia Police Explorers.  Event sponsor will be required to enter into a service agreement with the Explorers that details the services to be provided.  There is a fee for Explorer services.