Small Works & Consultant Roster


Public Works employee in the fieldThe City of Olympia's Small Works and Consultant Rosters are now maintained by MRSC, the Municipal Research and Services Center.

MRSC Rosters is a shared roster system and online database for Washington State local government agencies to solicit work from contractors eligible to bid on small public works projects (under $300,000) and to solicit work from consultants.

  • Promotes efficiency in government
  • Provides a single application process for contractors/consultants to register with multiple agencies
  • Allows agencies to share costs
  • Reduces individual agency staffing needs
  • Provides access to a much larger pool of contractors/consultants
  • Allows ease of electronic search and notification
  • Provides more and lower bids from qualified contractors/consultants


To become eligible to work on small works projects, please register your company for free with MRSC at and select City of Olympia on your account.

  1. MRSC accepts and processes electronic applications from contractors and consultants and checks them for compliance with the new mandatory bidder responsibility criteria.
  2. Once a contractor/consultant is verified, their account is activated and participating agencies are able to search for a contractor/consultant by service category or alphabetical listing.
  3. After generating an email list of potential bidders, the agencies can send out requests for proposals.
  4. To fulfill Washington State statutory requirements, MRSC will advertise on behalf of all participating agencies in the Daily Journal of Commerce, indicating that they are using the MRSC Rosters.

The MRSC Roster is updated twice per year in January and June.

When small works projects become available, all contractors registered with the MRSC Roster in the appropriate category or categories shall be invited to bid. The projects will require in general that:

  • Prevailing wages be paid and documented in compliance with RCW 39.12.
  • A Performance Bond be executed in compliance with RCW 39.08 before beginning work.
  • The Contractor holds a current Washington State Contractor's License.
  • Contractor must deliver a certificate of insurance naming the City as additionally insured before beginning work.
  • Contractor must have a current City of Olympia Business License before beginning work.
  • Contractor shall be in good standing regarding L&I premium payment prior to award of any contract.

For more information about registering, or for assistance with the application process please contact Ellen Hutchinson, MRSC Rosters Manager at 206.625.1300 - ext 105, or email

For Construction Project Bidders

To obtain project plans and specifications in order to bid on City of Olympia projects, please visit:

Please note: if you obtain project plans and specifications through any other process, such as by public records request, you will NOT be added to the list of bidders who receive bid packet addenda and other information sent to those who actually register as bidders.

To Make Public Records Request

To obtain project plans and specifications for City of Olympia project via public records request, please visit our Public Records webpage.  Public records fee apply.


Contact Thanh Jeffers | 360.753.8278 |

The City of Olympia is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages Minority business Enterprises and Women Business Enterprises to participate in the competitive bidding process and the Small Works Roster.