A Message from Public Works

Public Works Director at the City's Maintenance CenterWelcome! Olympia is extraordinary - a truly wonderful place to live and to visit. The Olympia Public Works Department is proud to build and maintain the infrastructure and services that serve as the foundation for our community. We know that what we do is vital to creating a healthy environment, a thriving economy and a vibrant community.

As responsible stewards of your infrastructure, we - the employees of the Public Works Department - pride ourselves on delivering world class service. We strive to have all our interactions and the work we do strongly reflect our values of respect, collaboration, innovation and excellence.

If you ever have a question, comment or concern about the Public Works Department or the services we deliver please send me an email at publicworks@ci.olympia.wa.us. I value your feedback, and look forward to every opportunity to grow and improve.

-Rich Hoey, Public Works Director