Rental Rates

Rates below are effective for all new or amended rentals occurring on or after January 5, 2016.

Room Weekday Saturday Capacity
MP-ABC $99/hr $99/hr w/4 hr minimum*
or $772 8am-5pm*
300 250
MP-A $68/hr Available only with MP-B** 180 150
MP-B $34/hr Available only with MP-A** 80 75
MP-C (stage) $17/hr Reserved for MP Room use only 25 20
Meeting Rooms $17/hr $17/hr 20-30 15-25
Small Kitchen $19/hr $19/hr N/A N/A
Main Kitchen $32/hr $32/hr N/A N/A
Gymnasium^ $27/hr $27/hr N/A N/A
Early Open/Late Close $41.50 add'l/hr N/A* N/A N/A

*Rentals of MP-ABC after 5pm on Saturdays are $140.50/hr.  Rentals requests of  MP-ABC for less than 4 hours (and between 8am-5pm) are considered for bookings made within 60 days of the rental date.
**Rentals of MP-A or MP-B are considered for individual room bookings made within 60 days of the rental date.
^Gymnasium is available for athletic purposes only. 

  • There is a two-hour minimum on all rentals.
  • Time reserved must be inclusive of set-up and take-down of room.
  • Damage deposits may be required for certain uses.  Please inquire with staff at time of booking.
  • Use of Main Kitchen requires a tour by facility staff prior to rental.
  • Reservations may be tentatively held for up to two business days.
  • Public benefit discounted rates (meeting and multipurpose rooms only) are available for groups that meet established criteria.
  • No reservation may be made without full payment including damage deposit, if required.
  • Submit a request online.