Olympia's Traffic Box Wraps

What Are Traffic Box Wraps?

Traffic Wrap mockupTraffic control boxes are the large metal boxes that control traffic signals - they are also prime targets for graffiti. We are covering 20 of these boxes with artistic wraps that will not only beautify our City but will greatly reduce the amount of graffiti on the boxes and the maintenance hours required to clean them.

Local artists submitted 131 designs that were voted on by the public online on the City's Facebook page and in-person at The Olympia Center. Over 25,000 votes were cast and the top 10 for both the Westside and Downtown are being fabricated in heavy-duty vinyl and will be installed later this Fall.

In addition to the artwork, our downtown traffic box wraps will feature pedestrian wayfinding maps on one side.

Eastside Winning Wrap Designs

>View Downtown Winners   >View Westside Winners

Kris Sproul - Tipsoo Lake Pink SunsetArtist: Kris Sproul

Title: Tipsoo Lake Pink Sunset

Original Medium: Photograph 

Location: Martin Way & Lilly Rd

My photographs celebrate the beauty and color of the world around us, from the sun’s first light shining on a serene mountain scene with wildflowers at peak bloom to skyscrapers looming over a bustling urban landscape at dusk. Each image is the result of hours, or often days, spent exploring and patiently waiting for conditions to align, frequently requiring several trips to the same location. When the weather, light, and other environmental factors all come together, my camera gives me the opportunity to share my perception of that experience with the world through my photos. I am especially excited to capture and share images of the Pacific Northwest, my home since being lured here by the beauty of the landscape eight years ago.

While there have been numerous and significant improvements to camera technology over the years, there is often still a great disparity between the raw image from the camera and what I saw when I was actually at the location. Today’s digital darkroom allows me to process each image in a way that faithfully replicates what I personally experienced when I captured the photo. While this process undeniably reflects my personal interpretation of each photograph, my goal is to remain honest to the original scene as I experienced it. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share these experiences with the viewers of my photographs.

Contact: sproulphoto.com

Darcy Goedecke - Trilliums GazeArtist: Darcy Goedecke

Title: Trillium's Gaze

Original Medium: Oil on Canvas

Location: Pacific Ave & Fones Rd

Since I was a child, nature has been my most favorite playground, and animals my closest companions. Time and time again, my artwork returns to these connections for inspiration and meaning.

Animals have always been very inspiring and calming to me. They are quiet, beautiful, thoughtful, present, joy-seeking beings. This being-ness, and their sense-of-self, calls out to me to be expressed on canvas.

Nature too has this divine conscious presence that I am drawn to record. Everything seems to have a sense of order, a heart beat, a voice, expanse.

The paintings I create are often centered around the personalities and presence of animals, with a little bit of the whimsy and enchantment of nature added in. I choose my imagery based on what brings me a sense of wonderment and joy.

This piece, “Trillium’s Gaze”, was inspired by Springtime. It is a depiction of my cat, Trillium, gazing into the golden Spring sun. He is surrounded by busy bumblebees and dandelions, which are some of my favorite Spring elements.

Contact: darcy@darcygoedecke.com

Doyle Fanning - Wild FlowerArtist: Doyle Fanning

Title: Wild Flower

Original Medium: Photo Collage

Location: Pacific Ave & Sawyer St

Wild Queen Anne’s Lace is a sure sign of summer. As I drive or walk along West Bay, I see them holding their heads up high, bending gentle like in the breeze, reaching skyward. They seem to me at once proud, graceful and maybe even a bit defiant growing as they do on the margins of abandoned industrial land. They catch my eye as I pass by and I find myself slowing down to take in their transient beauty. For that moment the world becomes quiet and still for me. In pairing them with domesticated flowers and an open sky on a traffic box I hope to bring a moment of quiet stillness to a busy intersection.

And even though I know they are classified as a noxious weed and understand the need to protect native species, I confess, I would miss them. On a traffic box their beauty and grace will keep them at a safe distance from native plants.

Contact: doylefanning.prints@comcast.net

Donna Smith Hursh - Mount RainierArtist: Donna Smith Hursh

Title: Mount Rainier

Original Medium: Drawing

Location: Pacific Ave & Boulevard Rd

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life and I have come to think of it as a very special place. While we do get lots of rain and cloudy days, in return we have the beauty of nature all around us. The trees. The blue sky. The wildflowers. The mountains. The rivers. I created this picture of Mount Rainier with these bright, bold colors to reflect the magic of this place that we are lucky enough to call home.

Contact: yippingdog@aol.com

Scott Stevens - Tree DawnArtist: Scott Allan Stevens

Title: Tree Dawn

Original Medium: Photograph

Location: Pacific Ave & Pattison St

I love the idea of beautifying ordinary objects such as utility boxes, and I’m delighted to be able to offer one of my photos for consideration. This image was taken on the State Capitol campus early one magical morning as fog was giving way to a gorgeous sunrise. The shapes and angles speak of growth, uplift, and inspiration.

Thanks for the opportunity to help beautify the landscape!

Contact: scott@nwexposure.com

Cheryl Falkenburg - Capitol ForestArtist: Cheryl Falkenburg

Title: Capitol Forest

Original Medium: Pil Painting

Location: Union Ave & Plum St

The inspiration for Capitol Forest, an oil painting of the capitol building behind a forest of sailboat masts, came from a request by our local school foundation to have me submit a painting for the auction. The painting came from a photo taken by one of our neighbors and it spoke to me of what makes Olympia a special place for me- the seat of government towering above our city but surrounded by forest, water and opportunities for outdoor recreation. I'm especially drawn to the sea and boating and the ready access we have to those things. How quickly we can go from shopping or dining in downtown Olympia, to hiking through our evergreen forests to being on the water. I grew up on Puget Sound, fell in love with my husband while sailing in the San Juans, and then moved with him to Olympia where he manages a marina. We raised our children sailing the southern waters of the sound and all of them have embraced the sights, smells and sounds that are unique to our area. For these reasons, I am personally invested in this painting. It brings me joy and reminds me of what is important in my life.

Contact: falknbrg@comcast.net

Jemma Bossio - Butterfly KaleidoscopeArtist: Jemma Bossio

Title: Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Original Medium: Felt-tip Marker

Location: Union Ave & Eastside St

I chose to draw butterflies because they are pretty. Butterflies are one of the best parts of being outside and I love seeing them when I visit the park. My butterflies are very colorful because my favorite colors are all colors of the rainbow! Butterflies are an important part of nature because they are pollinators. That means that butterflies help keep Olympia beautiful!

I named my picture "Butterfly Kaleidoscope" because that is the name for a group of butterflies. At first, I thought "Butterfly Flock", but I have learned that different animals have different names when they are in a big group. So, my mom and I researched. We learned that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope, swarm, or rabble. And for this picture, butterfly kaleidoscope sounded the best.

Contact: gretchenbossio@yahoo.com

Steve Scheibe - WellspringsArtist: Steve Scheibe

Title: Wellsprings

Original Medium: Dye-painted Silk

Location: Boulevard Rd & 18th Ave

Created in dye-painted silk, Wellsprings celebrates the City of Olympia’s abundant waters as a visual metaphor of her arts community. Our waters and our arts shape, enhance, and revitalize our beautiful city.

In Wellsprings, I employed imagery of our water source--McAllister Wellfields Artesian Springs. Colorful dyes migrating through silk formed exquisite patterns and textures within the composition. The resulting vibrant waters and stones are recognizable even at a passing glance. Yet the artwork also contains many visual “treasures” to discover when viewed more closely.

Contact: steve@visibleinvisible.com

Laurel Henn - From the DeepArtist: Laurel Henn

Title: From the Deep

Original Medium: Acrylic Painting

Location: Martin Way & Kasey Keller Dr

Laurel Henn is a Printmaker and Painter based out of Olympia, Wa. She uses her art to tell stories. Her stories are sometimes based off the Puget Sound region, and other times her stories derive from the most basic human experience. In this particular painting "From the Deep" she is telling a story of how close we are to a world unlike our own. Laurel has spent her share of time on the water, enough to appreciate the power it wields, and the life it provides. It's a place where our most pleasurable dreams float and out worst nightmares fester. This painting was executed in the summer of 2015 when she was deep in the trenches of being a new mom and grasping at what use to be her life. Painting a small piece at a time, during nap hours, she was able reconnect with her passion of art and reaffirm her role as a human, not just a mom. After completing this piece laurel kept stride and painted a dozen more Puget Sound inspired images. By the beginning of 2016 she joined Splash Gallery and found her way back to her studio on a regular basis. She is an active printmaker and painter with Splash and continues her quest to tell stories with art.

Contact: laurelsart@icloud.com

Artist: Joan Hitchcock

Title: Mt St Helens Sunrise

Original Medium: Dye on Silk

Location: Martin Way & Sleater Kinney Rd

My Art Work is inspired by nature and color. I like to take the shapes and colors of elements we see every day and create pieces that run the gamut - from representational interpretations, to pieces that are more whimsical or abstract in style.

Painting silk with steam set dye is my favorite media at the moment. I love the intensity and luminosity that is achieved with silk as your surface.

The inspiration for my submission was derived by my participation in an art tour located along the highway to the Mt St Helens observatories. Each artist was asked to create a piece depicting some aspect of Mt St Helens. The original image was taken by a friend from the vantage point of her home on Seminary Hill in Centralia. It was a foggy overcast day, but created a great image with lots of detail of the craggy mountain top. I had seen other images of the mountains with a brilliant sunrise and decided to combine my friends’ image and the colors of a sunrise into “Mt St Helens Sunrise”.

Contact: djhitchcock@comcast.net