Gateways Public Art

What are Gateways?

Imagine public art hereThe City has identified eight Gateways where the majority of traffic moves into or out of the City center or transitions between different areas of our community. Gateway locations can be easily spotted around town, just look for the "Imagine Public Art Here" signs or view this map

Imagine Public Art

Placing unique public art at each Gateway (see examples) signals these major transitions and accomplishes several goals:

  • Places public art deep into Olympia’s neighborhoods
  • Contributes to a sense of community identity
  • Introduces place making elements that help to define and bring together different areas of our community

The Gateways concept is envisioned in the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Olympia Arts Commission and the Olympia Planning Commission are working together to develop a Gateways Public Art Master Plan to make these Gateways a reality.

Gateways Public Art Master Plan

The Gateways Public Art Master Plan will be a blueprint by which to move forward on each of the identified gateways, presenting overall concepts and themes, location and cost analysis and prioritization. This is not a design or fabrication opportunity, but concept only.

While it may take time to acquire the funding to complete all 8 Gateways, a master plan will help maintain continuity between the first dedicated Gateway and the last.

The Master Plan will:

  • Identify priorities – steps the City will take over 5-6 years that will have the greatest impact toward completion of the Gateways project
  • Include illustrations of concepts and themes for each location
  • Set the stage for future grant opportunities and community partnerships to realize the project
  • Consider the interface between the Gateway art elements and proposed civic Boulevards

Get Involved

The Gateways Public Art Master Plan process will facilitate community discussion and distill that feedback into values that will inform the plan.

There will be many opportunities to get involved and share your opinions including:

  • A community kick-off meeting Complete
  • Eight neighborhood meetings near the Gateway locations Complete
  • Online forums, surveys, etc.
  • A final community meeting to share what we've learned

Details on all of the abovewill be provided on this page as they are finalized.


Contact Arts Program Manager, Stephanie Johnson, at 360.709.2678 or