Here Today 2008


Performance Dishwashing

Bil Fleming

Olympia Farmers Market

About: Bringing home the message of the City's "Zero Waste Resolution," throughout this performance piece the artist will wash dishes used by patrons of the Market food vendors. Interspersed with live music and other offerings, including a free plate-giveaway, the event will create impetus for discussion of, and possibly change, for citizens to move from disposables to re-usables.

Rising Tides

Faith Hagenhofer

Various Downtown Locations

About: Working from the City of Olympia report, "Response to the Challenges of Climate Change," the artist has placed 40 small monuments along the new high water line projected for 2100, giving physical presence to the abstract concept of Olympia's new shoreline.

Bus Station

Jen Kliese & Jeff Shannon

Intercity Transit Downtown Station

About: The artists create an auditory landscape that activates the mind and our internal worlds, that encourages us to explore our imagination and to feel a public and personal ownership of the space, whether it be on the streets or in our own heads.

Would It Be

George Kurzman

Percival Landing Park

About: An installation of six free-standing panels showing the curves of their original camber from the shape of a boat acquired by an Olympia firefighter whose personal dream of restoring the boat had been cut short by work-related cancer.

Public Private Eyes

Shaw Osha

Downtown Olympia

About: Engaging viewers in an exploration of apparent encounters, the artist places images of eyes selected from a series of her portrait paintings in multiple downtown locations. Coming upon the images in unexpected moments becomes an opportunity for engagement and pause - Who is the subject? Who is doing the looking? Perception, association, sensation, memory, and culture are brought to the work through the eye of the viewer.

Like Everyone Else

Tony Perkins

Yashiro Japanese Garden

About: A work of fiction set in present-day Olympia, exploring the lives of individuals, families, and the community in the midst of crisis. The reading takes place in a location pivotal to the narrative, and visitors will receive a limited, art quality chapbook edition of the story.

Leaf and Twig

Dana Squires

Percival Landing Park

About: The artist adorns three trees with spice-infused paper leaves, flowers, poems, and recipes, referencing the spirit of trees of Asia and representing the interaction of nature (leaves and twigs) and culture (leaves and twigs used as spices). Each tree presents a signature spice mixture from three different areas: garam masala from India, advich from Persia, and ros el hanout from Morocco, becoming an environment of color, movement, and scent.

A Bird in the Hand: Lessons in Letting Go

Trudes Tango

Downtown Olympia

About: Referencing the small ways a person is stopped by unexpected and temporary beauty, like a single ginko leaf turning from green to yellow, the aritst will "release" 100 handmade clay birds throughout the city during the month for people to find, pick up, take home or throw away. Some birds will contain messages. Birds created by community members will be released during the final week.


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