Here Today 2006


Marquee Movies at the Capitol Theater

Devon Damonte

Capitol Theater

About: Multiple projectors projected multiple moving images on the marquee of this historic theater. Films included abstract motion graphics by the artist and others, as well as hand-made movies made on-site by the public. This project touched upon conceptual issues related to historic preservation, local independent artists, media representation and marketing and this unique moment in the history of entertainment technology.

Period Piece

Eric Fleming

Sylvester Park

About: A large scale historic photograph of the former Washington State Capitol Building was mounted in Sylvester Park, in front of the same building as it is today. Connecting our sense of past and present, the photograph is made up of individual photo-tiles that were available to the public at the end of the installation period. This piece reinforced the concept that each member of our community is part of Olympia's past, present and future.

Ephemeral Folks

Diane Kurzyna (aka Ruby Re-Usable)

Various Downtown Locations

About: Created from unwanted plastic wrap, used bubble wrap and tape, these figures, engaged in routine activities, remind one that even commonplace moments possess a quiet magic: "Observer" was displayed in shop windows; "Explorer" rode The Dash and sat on benches; "Dreamer" was displayed in the Farmers Market garden; "Actor" was at The Capitol Theater.

Coexistence: Kyo Zon

Barbara McConkey and Chiyo Sanada

Yashiro Japanes Garden

About: Designed to foster mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds, East meets West in this fusion of the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy and the modern art of digital painting. 12 large-scale scrolls emerged from the garden soil, expressing the interconnectedness of humanity, nature and the earth.

Here Today LogoZeitgeist

Jeffrey Rosczyk

Percival Landing

About: Inspired by the German word meaning spirit of the times, "Zeitgeist" was a photographic project addressing the people, places, things and ideas of the Olympia/Thurston County area. The exhibition was to consist of 100 photographs.

Sculptural Fashion Show

Amy Roznowski

Port Plaza

About: A one-day performance was the culmination of this extensive project. Twelve local models each wore a sculptural "fashion" developed from their own vision of Olympia translated through natural resources and based on interviews they conducted with the artist. Selected pieces were temporarily installed at The Olympia Center.

Home - Through Our Eyes

Maitri Sojourner with Bread & Roses

Various Downtown Locations

About: Disposable cameras, paper and pencils were made available to people who are currently homeless, to capture images and writing that have meaning to them with themes of beauty, challenge, home, friends and community. Attached to life-sized wooden silhouettes, these visual and written images were intended to encourage a public discussion of our community's identity and to celebrate the creativity of homeless artists.

A Continuous Line Through Rock Garden

Dana Squires

Olympia Farmers Market

About: Continuous line and knot patterns found in cultures around the world were the inspiration for this living line pattern emerging from the rocks. The well-defined "drawing" will change and blur in time and with the interaction of people, weather and life as the transient nature of the installation takes over.


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