Percival's City Dock

HIstoric Percival LandingThe original pioneer dock, seen to the right in this historic photo (taken around 1911), was built in 1860 by Massachusetts native Sam Percival. In an age when overland travel meant struggling through dense forest, waterways were the main transportation routes of the Northwest frontier. Percival's City Dock was the center of a flourishing steamboat trade that carried cargo, mail and passengers up and down Puget Sound.

In 1877 "Captain Sam" turned over management of his wharf to his 16-year-old son, John C. Percival, who would maintain a dockside office there for nearly 70 years.

Notice the Sandman tug in the left of the photo. At that time, it was a working tug, and may have towed barges of oysters to and from the opening house that is now the Olympia Oyster House Restaurant. Today, the Sandman can be found in the same location, welcoming visitors as a floating museum.