Percival Landing Environmental Impacts

The project has numerous environmental benefits that will improve the shoreline along Percival Landing.  Some of those measures include: 

  • Removal of large rip rap material. The shoreline will be regraded and a new layer of fish friendly gravels will be installed.
  • Reduction in overwater coverage that will allow more light to the shoreline which is a benefit to both fish passage and intertidal habitat.  
  • Removal of a parking lot on the waterfront to create new riparian habitat.
  • Rebuilding of Olympia Avenue and its intersection with Columbia Avenue will allow the City to treat runoff from pollution generating surfaces that previously went into Budd Bay untreated.

Project Update

The project encountered two pockets of petroleum contamination along the shoreline that resulted in small petroleum sheens on the water.  Those sheens were contained by the oil containment boom and collected.  The sheens were reported as required. 

The City entered into the Department of Ecology Voluntary Clean-Up Program in December, 2010.  As part of that program, the City will be completing a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to develop the final clean-up action.  In order to proceed with Phase I construction, a data report and soil management plan was submitted to Ecology.  In accordance with that plan, the City has removed over 11,500 tons of contaminated soil and approximately 2,500 tons in the upland areas within the project boundary.