Grass Lake Nature Park

Grass Lake


171 Acres


814 Kaiser Road NW

Park Features 

  • Trailhead at 814 Kaiser Road NW
  • Trailhead at 3432 6th Ave NW
  • Loop trail approximately 1 mile in length

Park History

Grass Lake Nature Park is a sleeping beauty of Olympia's park and open space inventory. Acquiring the property was a steady vigil for property owners, citizen groups, Olympia City Council and staff in the late 1980's. As the hard work of all may be forgotten over time, the place we call Grass Lake will remind us endlessly of our ties with nature.

The park contains the headwaters of Green Cove Creek and one of the most environmentally intact wetland systems in northern Thurston County. Over 100 bird species and 200 plant species have been recorded in the park. Grass Lake Nature Park's primary functions are wildlife protection, wildlife viewing, and environmental education. Pets are not permitted.

Master Plan