Arts Walk Cover Artist Search

The Selection Process

Each year, two artists are selected (one for each Arts Walk event) to have their artwork featured on the cover of the event map and in event related publications. These artists are commissioned by the City to create a new, original work of art for their respective Arts Walk map cover (Spring or Fall).

  • November: Previous participating Arts Walk artists are invited to apply
  • Early December: Jury panel recommends two artists the the Olympia Arts Commission
  • Mid-December: Arts Commission reviews recommendation and makes final selections

The selected artists will each be awarded $600 to create a new work. Selected artists agree to sign a contract with the City regarding the purchase of their work to provide a business license to receive payment.

Selection Criteria

  • Artists 18 years or older who have officially participated in Olympia's Arts Walk within the last two years are invited to submit images of current work. Official participants are ones that have been listed in an Olympia Arts Walk map individually or in group show.
  • Submitted portfolio must demonstrate the artist's ability to create work that lends itself to print media.
  • Submitted portfolio must show excellence in craftsmanship, consistency of style, originality, and connect with a wide audience.
  • Intent of the annual selection is to provide a wide variety of style, media and subject matter that reflects the diversity of the Arts Walk event.
  • Artwork that is religious, political or sexual in nature will not be considered.

The following will be required when submitting your online application: NOTE: We suggest typing your responses in a separate document then copying the text over to the application. Character limit includes spaces.

  • A brief Artist's statement (500 character limit)
  • To describe the focus of your studio work. Including the media in which you are most fluent and the themes that inspire you. (500 character limit);
  • If applicable, the option of describing your cultural heritage as it relates to your work (500 character limit).
  • Lastly, you will be asked to share information on the list of 5 works you will submit with your application including: Artwork title, media, dimensions, and dates.

Uploading Work Samples

  • After completing your online application you are required to upload 5 digital images to the City's FTP site
  • File requirements: JPEG, GIF, or PNG format no larger than 1 MB each, titled to correspond with the slide number provided in your online application. File names should include the artist name followed by the slide number, all in lowercase, one word, with no spaces. Example: For artist John Doe upload file names would read -johndoe1, johndoe2, johndoe3, etc.
  • Include recipient email:
  • Add Cover Search 2018 and the applicants name to the subject line. Ex. for artist John Doe the Subject line would read - "Cover Search 2018 John Doe"
  • Applications are considered incomplete until these images have been uploaded for review.


  • Once selected, commissioned work must be formatted to fit the map publication, traditionally a square format has worked well. 3-D work must be able to be photographed in a similar format.
  • Artists will provide the artwork unframed - the City is responsible for framing.
  • The original works will become the property of the City of Olympia's portable works collection. Each work will appear on Arts Walk maps, posters and in various print and web publications.
  • The artist will assign to the City all rights to future reproduction of work for promotional and fundraising purposes.


Contact Angel Nava at 360.753.8384 or